Ye PK, PK kya hai?

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PK Movie Offers

The storyline of PK is a national secret, guarded more closely than the Swiss bank accounts of some of our politicians. All that director Rajkumar Hirani has said is that it will be a satire on “god and god men”.

It has several factors going for it – from a great director, stellar cast, some good tracks, and a whole lot of audience anticipation. The suspense factor has actually worked, and from the status of advance bookings, we know that audiences will be queuing up for this one.

Here’s a look at some things that will take us to the theatre:

1.    PK himself!

Is he an alien? Is he doing a Forrest Gump act? What is Aamir Khan’s act in this movie? In the first teaser, he wore nothing but a transistor. In a more recent one, he has the reddest lips after chewing what looks like an entire paan shop. And what’s with the perennially startled look? Most importantly, what does PK stand for? Guess we’ll find out only tomorrow. Khan, said in an interview, “There are so many moments in the film and some will make you smile, some will make you cry. PK is one of my favourite films I have done till date.”

He is also said to have nine different avatars. Going by Mr. Perfectionist’s choice of movies in recent times, rest assured that it will be a character that will stay in our collective memories for quite some time!

Offers For PK Movie

2.    PK ki bhaasha!

Aamir Khan will be seen mouthing Bhojpuri dialogues, and this should be a seriously funny act. We’ve heard that he spent two years in perfecting the tone and phonetically memorised all the dialogues. Tukur tukur is now his favourite Bhojpuri word.

3.    PK ka battery recharge

So PK believes that if you are feeling down, try some dancing. You’ll not only forget your woes, you will also recharge your batteries. We kinda agree with this one! Do the Battery Recharge now!

The signature step of this song was the idea of Hirani himself!

4.    PK ki Jagat Janani

After reams about her lip job and her arm candy, we are actually quite eager to talk about Anushka’s look in the film – specially the pixie cut.  She plays a happy-go-lucky inquisitive modern girl, and her look helps in establishing this. Her effortless look took quite a lot of thinking and work. Have a look.

Pssst: Think you can go short and handle a pixie cut a la Jaggu? Let the experts at Monsoon salon and VLCC help you.

5.    PK ka dost

After a long hiatus, we’ll get to see Sanju baba,in the avatar of a bandmaster. He plays Bhairon Singh, a traditional Rajasthani musician. We think the look really suits him – from the bright colours, the handlebar moustache and the kohl-lined eyes.  His part in the movie had to be shot quickly as he had to return to complete his jail term, but he did get to celebrate his anniversary with his family on the sets!


And that’s not all; dishy actor Sushant Singh Rajput also plays a cameo in the film. Again, even in this case, his role is kept under wraps. However, we do know that he will be seen only in the beginning of the film and his role is going to be a surprise (pretty much like the entire film itself!). We also heard he’s playing a version of Lord Shiva! If you ask us, we would want to see more of him in the film. His song with Anushka is a favourite!

Ok folks, guess you can’t wait for the movie to release tomorrow. If you enjoy your movies with popcorn and a drink, do check out for exclusive deals on PVR. Also, please share your comments on the movie with us!

Happy viewing. Enjoy!

PK releases on 19th December, 2014

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