Trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Al Fujairah & Khasab on a Luxury Cruise

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Trip to the United Arab Emirates

DubaiDubai, no doubt is considered one of the most popular spots for tourist in the world. There is no denying the fact that Dubai indeed is the playground of Arab. The credit simply goes to the good Dubai government, which has made it a beautiful place for tourists by constructing a plethora of tourist attractions. Dubai is full of world class skyscrapers, resorts, spas and beaches, which make the place heavenly.
Apart from petroleum, Dubai’s economy is only standing on two major pillars, which are its tourism and Dubai real estate. For tourists, Dubai is no less than a wonderland as it has magnificent structures and bewitching entertainment.


The capital of Al Fujairah is Fujairah City.You can watch here Fujairah sights and attractions.
The UAE makes for a great vacation destination; many of these ports are glamorous, prosperous cities, pristine with superb amenities, cruise passengers will be welcomed in style. Fujairah is no different – the city offers attractive shopping opportunities, with bargains to be had and quality traditional goods such as rugs, gold and perfumes making great holiday souvenirs. Away from the modern delights, passengers can explore the city’s older treasures.

abudhabiAbu Dhabi

Year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, spectacular sand dunes and pulsating cosmopolitan lifestyle await every guest in Abu Dhabi. These, combined with distinctive Arabian hospitality, mystique and world-class infrastructure make Abu Dhabi an enchanting destination for experienced and novice travellers.
The emirate hosts the United Arab Emirates’ capital – Abu Dhabi city. This island capital is characterised by its signature Corniche, which fronts the amazing turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. You can stroll, cycle, roller-blade or drive the Corniche for a journey to the tip where the majestic Emirates Palace – one of the world’s most opulent hotels sits on 1.3 kilometres of pristine beach.

Muscat, like much of Oman, is dominated by trade. The more traditional exports of the city include dates, mother of pearl, frankincense and fish. Many of the souks of old Muscat and Muttrah sell these items and traditional Omani artefacts.
Muscat includes the the medieval forts of Jalali and Mirani.and the memorable Al Alam Palace. Also in Muscat is Bait Zubair Museum with its well displayed collection of Omani heritage. From Muscat the town and port of Muttrah is a few moments drive away. Enjoy time with the Dolphins an early morning sea based trip to enjoy the sight of one of the pods of Dolphins that inhabit that Gulf of Oman. The coast along Muscat is spectacular and reason enough to take this trip.

Khasab Harbour continues to play an important role just as it did when, in the 17th century, the Portuguese built the nearby fort. Then as now the Musandam region was the realm of the Shihuh tribe, whose origins are thought to be in Yemen. Khasab provides a place for them and the Kamazirah people of the north to trade, buy provisions and in the hot summer months fish.The town provides a place for people to start dhow cruises along the fjord-ridden coast, or a place to pick up provisions part
way through – just as sailors have done for centuries before. Meanwhile divers can explore the warm tropical waters of the coast around Khasab where strong currents ensure much plankton and the large fish that follow.

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