#TrendSpotting: The One Accessory Trend That Refuses To Die

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Made famous during the 90′s, we’re seeing chokers all over again after almost two decades! The velvet or leather piece of thin or thick band tied in a bow just made a major comeback and you might be shocked about this revelation if you were living under the rocks. If you’ve got a good sartorial taste, then we are sure that must have already tried your hands at it in 2016. These chokers have walked the runways. Taylor Swift, Kendal Jenner, the Hadid sisters and almost all of our favourite fashion bloggers are rocking the coolest fashion accessory on the block!

26 #TrendSpotting: The One Accessory Trend That Refuses To Die


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Choker, which is having its moment right now, goes back to thousands of years to the earliest civilization in ancient Western Africa, Egypt and our very own tribals of Rajasthan and other parts of Northern India. From then to now, we have seen chokers in different renditions – in metal, stones, beads, leather or any other fabric. This simple piece of fabric has a superpower to shift all focus to our pretty face and make us look oh-so-beautiful. It also has the superpower to lend a 90′s grunge look a kind of dark elegance to almost any outfit. Wear your hair in loose beachy curls or super-sleek ponytail, a choker lends a really retro, edgy and glam look. By the popularity that it’s slowly gaining, we are guessing that chokers are here to stay!


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 #TrendSpotting: The One Accessory Trend That Refuses To Die

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 #TrendSpotting: The One Accessory Trend That Refuses To Die

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