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Raising a family is an expensive undertaking for parents. There are many expenses they will incur over a child’s first years on earth, when mom and dad are the primary caregivers. It is important to balance the needs of all your family members, while making sure to save money wherever possible.

Taking Care of the New Addition

The idea of adding a new family member to the household is an exciting one. From the moment a couple finds out they are expecting until the baby is born, there are many questions that will be asked. One is what will the new family member need? For first time parents, this may be the hardest question of all.

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Some of the newborn baby expenses parents need to consider include:

  • Clothing: This is perhaps the largest of the categories, and it encompasses items that will be used from the time the child is first born until he or she reaches school age. When baby is first born, some of the items needed are outfits and onesies. It is always a good idea to have a variety of sizes on hand, even before the child is born, as infants grow rapidly, and you don’t want clothing to be too loose or tight. When purchasing or asking for clothes, keep in mind that a baby’s skin is sensitive and should be protected by adding more layers unless it’s hot out, according to Pampers India.
  • Diapers: Diapers will be another major, ongoing expense. From the time the child is born until he or she is fully potty trained, diapers are a necessity. Whether you choose to use disposable or cloth diapers is up to you and will depend on how you prioritize expense, convenience and environmental impact. However, like clothing it is important to have a variety of sizes on hand to account to your baby’s rapid growth.
  • Safety Items: Keep baby safe when at home or away by purchasing a car seat and some baby proofing items to ensure your home is ready for your newest arrival, according to India Times.

Something for Older Children

Infants don’t stay small forever. In a matter of years, although it may feel like the blink of an eye, a newborn baby will grow into a big kid. If your child is not an only child, then it is important to keep big sister/brother in mind as well when shopping for your family.

Some items to keep in mind for older children include:

  • Clothes: That cute little onesie isn’t going to fit forever. Parents should once again keep weather in mind as they shop for their growing children’s new wardrobe. It might also be a fun idea to have the child involved in the decision of what to wear. This way they can be proud to wear the outfit.
  • Uniforms: Some schools may require the child to wear a uniform during the school day. It is important for parents to check with and understand their child’s school policy on clothing.
  • Furniture and Room Décor: A child’s room should feel inviting and warm. It can also be used to inspire. One fun idea would be to have the room reflect your child’s interests or even possible career choices, according to Channel 4. Let the room grow with your child, so it will always be a happy and welcoming place.
  • Toys: Children of all ages, even teenagers like their toys. As children grow, their entertainment choices are likely to change. When possible, try and include some type of educational element in the toy, especially when the child is first transitioning into the big kid phase. Learning should be a fun activity, and toy selection can go a long way in achieving this goal.

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Tips and Tricks to Save Money

From the time children are first born or brought home until they are old enough to contribute towards their own survival, they are expensive.

The good news is that there are tips and tricks families can use to save money. One of the first tips is visit mydala and check out the latest FirstCry coupons, as they will be helpful for parents in saving money.

Other effective ways to save money include:

  • Create a budget for the household and do your best to stick with it.
  • Use mobile apps to look up sales and deals on the go. There’s a good chance there’s an app for most of your favorite stores.
  • Teach your children about money and saving early and then build on the basics, according to Life Hacker India. There are many ways to do this, including an allowance when they are young and showing them how to track what they spend when they get older.

Raising children is a rewarding lifelong commitment. Learn to save money and enjoy the time you have with your family, as they will soon be old enough to begin their own families.

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 Tips for Family Shopping

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 Tips for Family Shopping

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