The fuss about dietary supplements!

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For many of you with a strong desire to lose or gain weight, dietary supplements may seem like the perfect answer to your dreams. Many of us believe that supplements can help us achieve our fitness goals at the earliest but the truth is a little murkier than that! Sure, they enable you to get that perfectly chiselled body that you’ve dreamt for so long, but most of these supplements are far from being what they claim to be!

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Yes, they’re immensely popular and yes, they do deliver what they promise but at a heavy cost! Research studies indicate that there are several dangers of using dietary/nutrition supplements and prolonged usage of it can even cause severe health hazards.

Having said this, it’s worth mentioning that although a large number of these supplements are seriously BAD for your body, not all of them are the same! There are times and situations when having a supplement can be a necessity! But only under the guidance and supervision of a doctor and a trained health/fitness instructor!

Here’s a quick look at why body supplements are bad for your body and what can be a better alternative. 🙂

1. It’s a quick fix not a real fix: Supplement is an “add-on” and not a “substitute”. So there is no guarantee that you’re going to retain that lovely body once you stop consuming them! There is no quick fix replacement for hard work and a good diet, always remember that! So to get a body like a pro, you got to train like a pro!


2. Serious Health Risks: Often, benefits can be shadowed by risks as well. There are several health problems caused by the prolonged intake of body supplements for muscle gain and body supplements for weight loss. Hair loss, kidney problems, liver weakness, cardiovascular risks and bone weakness are some of the critical health problems that you’re exposed to. Fitness is all about balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! And there is no better alternative than quality, nutritious food when it comes to weight gain, and some serious exercise and workout followed again, by the right diet when it comes to weight loss!


3. Exposure to Toxins: Most manufacturers make dubious claims about the products they sell and there is really no guarantee about the ingredients that go into the making of these supplements. Studies have reported the findings of several harmful toxins and illegal substances in many of these popular supplements! Alternative…um…just avoid them as much as you can! And in case you absolutely HAVE to consume them, then make sure you check the ingredient details thoroughly!

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4. “Roid” Rage: Love Hulk’s body, but what about his anger!?? Some steroids when taken as performance-enhancing stimulants can also enhance aggression besides doing the needful! Commonly known as “roid rage”, such aggressive behaviour can be extremely harmful in the long run and can also activate sudden outbursts and violent tendencies! WWF gone real!

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5. It’s not Natural: Regardless of the benefits that many of these supplements guarantee, the truth is that they are artificial nutrients that gets added to your body. In short, they are not NATURAL and the quality of nutrition can never be the same as actual, fresh food.


With so many risks already to its credit and many more still being discovered each day, body supplements can be seriously harmful, even downright dangerous at times. Hence, it’s important that you exercise the utmost caution if and when you consume any kind of supplement and always ensure that you do so only when your doctor gives you the green signal. A little caution can go a long way in helping you live a healthy and happy life. 🙂

Share your views about the same with us. We would love to hear from you!

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