Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape


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There’s nothing like a bad hair day, seriously! We’ve all had those moments when we managed to get that perfect look and then had to wait for hours just trying to get the hair right…Trust those unruly tresses to play the truant at the last minute! Believe it or not, it’s your hair that decides your overall look.

Get the look of the season with these sassy summer hairstyles for women that’ll up your style quotient by several notches. Choose your face cut and treat yourself to one of these trendy hairdos.

1 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

Short hairstyles for spring/summer are an eternal favourite for most women. And why wouldn’t it be? Suitable for all textures of hair and all facial structures – round, oval, square, and heart shaped… they never leave you disappointed! Try something new and bold this summer like cool crops, the lob or the bold quiff.

  • The Lob – The fresh look of the season is the new version of the traditional bob…the Lob or the “long bob”. Suitable for all face cuts; this one is for all you ladies who want to try something new without compromising on the length. It’s chic, easy to maintain and plus, you can style it in so many ways! If you’re bored of regularity then add some spark and go for an asymmetrical lob….It looks equally nice, if not better!

2 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

  •  The Quiff – Dig retro hairstyles? Do you love the androgynous look? Well, if your answer is “yes” to both, then add some spunk to your look this summer and go for the quiff aka the pompadour or the ‘faux hawk’ – an edgy yet glamorous look that’s really in right now! You’ve seen Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Pink sporting this hairdo in the past. But with Scarlet Johansson being the latest celebrity joining the bandwagon, well….it’s definitely worth a try.

3 1024x838 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

  • Crop From the initial pixie to the latest and trendiest versions of it, cropped hair has come a long way. It’s vibrant, uber cool and easy to maintain, not to mention that it makes you look really confident and sassy! Be sure to use generous amounts of hair spray and mousse to keep your locks shiny and bouncy!

4 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

Managing long hair in summer can be quite a task, and if you’re considering chopping your locks, we totally get it! If you’ve been following the summer trend for hair this year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that long hair is in this season!

All you ladies with an oval face rejoice! For you are the luckiest amongst us all, blessed with the most versatile face! Just about any hairstyle or haircut is suitable for you, seriously! Wavy or straight…worry not; as you’ve got the perfect face shape to carry off any hairstyle.

  • Go for the side-swept wavy look, the sleek low ponytail or the side bang look…keep it layered to add more volume to your hair.

5 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

  • If you don’t want to leave your hair open, then you can plait up your tresses. Opt for a side braid like Dia Mirza does…

6 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

  • Or the good old ponytail! Try the messy look like Selena Gomez or go for bangs and then wear your hair up high in a ponytail like Rihanna does!

7 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape


For those with a round face try a hairstyle/haircut that frames your face. Bangs and layers work wonderfully for you. If you’re up for a little scissor work, then go for a haircut that’s just a little lower than your chin…

8 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

If you have a square face, then go for waves and bangs. Try to avoid centre parting, instead go for the side parting. Since the jawline is angular, try hairstyles that’ll soften your look. Tie a chignon/bun as it looks simply stunning on those with a squarish face.

9 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

All you heart faced ladies, accentuate your look with soft bangs or an asymmetrical side-swept lob, loose waves or deep side parting. The aim is to draw away the focus from your chin, so add those layers! Spray a good amount of hair spray to make it look bouncy.

10 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape

When it comes to hairstyles for women, 2015 is all about variety, vibrancy and being bold. With the trend being set by runway models and celebrities walking down the red carpets with risky hair do’s, there’s a lot that can be done with those tresses of yours. So wait no more, rush to your nearest salon to get the coolest look of the season!

P.S – Don’t forget to add some accessories to give the finishing touch!

So girls, what do you think? Found this helpful? Leave a comment and let us know!

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 Summer Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape
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