Setting up a New Home on a Budget


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You are finally able to move out on your own. You’ve packed the truck with all of your personal belongings and are ready to take that first step to financial independence. You reach your new place and start unloading what you think is a mountain of furniture and items, only to discover that it barely takes up half of your new living quarters. You start to make a list of all of the things that you think you need, and what starts out as a fairly small list ends up being quiet large. After the initial shock of the situation starts to dissipate, you look at the list you made and wonder how you are ever going to get all of the stuff you need without breaking the bank.

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Rethink What You Need When you look at the list that you made start to determine which items you actually need versus which items are those that you want. While you may be looking at your list thinking that everything that you put down is something that you absolutely need to have in your home right now, chances are many of the items are things that you would like to have in your place. As you are first starting out, you don’t need to have a 12 piece place setting. While you do need something to eat on, you can probably get away with a six or eight piece setting. You want to start of simply. Think of the basics; it makes more sense to start off with as low rent as possible and to replace the items when you can afford to, explains Trent Hamm, contributor for Life Hacker India. Take off any items on your list that aren’t something that you need in order to live from day to day, and leave the rest. Do Your Own Decorating Sure, having someone else come in and do your decorating would be a lot of fun, but it would also be extremely expensive. It could cost up to Rs 1,500 per square foot for a designer to come in and decorate for you, according to Prashant Mahesh writer for The Economic Times. There is an easier and cheaper way to fill up the white space in your new place. A great way to add some style and substance to your walls is by adding a single color to one wall in a room using textured paint to help reinvent the space, explains Vaishali Gupta, professional interior designer and vastu consultant. You can also decorate your blank walls with your own photographs, rather than spending your money on expensive prints and pieces of art. With a few cheap frames and the photographs that hold the most memories for you, you can fill up the white spaces on your walls with the people in your life who mean the most to you.

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Head Online The Internet is full of great deals. You can find everything you need on your list, without going over your budget. With great discount coupon sites like mydala, you can save even more money on the items that you need to finish decorating your place. There are so many ways to save extra money on home décor items; you can do a great job decorating your new place without spending too much money. For example, with HomeShop 18 coupons available at mydala you can shop for thousands of products online and enjoy steep discounts that can help keep your budget intact. Not only can you find great home décor items, but you can also find home appliances and furniture at great prices if these are items that have found their way onto your list. Upcycle Furniture Buying new furniture isn’t your only option. You can head to your local thrift stores for some great finds. Scouring second hand furniture markets for material can help you create fresh new furniture pieces for your home explains Kasmin Fernandes, writer for The Times of India. The furniture that you find at your local thrift stores can allow you to get creative with your decorating, and can provide you with one of a kind pieces that will encourage conversations when you have guests visit. Finding ways to fill your new home with the items you need while sticking to a budget is a lot easier than you may think. The first obstacle that you have to clear is determining exactly what you need as opposed to what you want. Once you have a clear idea of what items you need to purchase, there are plenty of creative ways to turn your sparse new home into one that is filled with fun furniture and inventive décor without having to spend every last dime to your name.

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 Setting up a New Home on a Budget

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 Setting up a New Home on a Budget

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