Interesting Ways To Get Fit This July

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Going to the gym definitely isn’t for all of us. The tedious running on the treadmill, forcing ourselves to wait till the last minute on the cross trainer and lifting weights among other sweaty, tired and worn out people can get slightly overwhelming after a while.

I used to hate exercising until I discovered ways to do it outside the gym. Now I cant get enough! No more convincing myself to go to the gym or dragging my feet. No more counting minutes desperately in my head or forcing myself to do crunches.

I decided to try boxing and even though I’m pretty sure I looked hilarious at first, it was amazing cardio.  I’ve been doing it for about six months, and it really is one of the most fun physical activities I have ever done.

If boxing is too rough, why not give yoga a shot? Dozens of people have told me how beneficial they found it even though I found it pretty slow at first. According to The Art Of Living, yoga has numerous advantages such as weight loss, inner peace, improved immunity, increased energy and better flexibility.




If you prefer something faster opt for something more interesting like zumba or pilates. Personally, I have tried Belly dancing and ballroom dancing and I fell in love with both. You don’t feel like you’re exerting yourself at all, because you end up having a blast. And at the same time, you’re burning hundreds of calories!

Mydala is offering some great dance classes of various forms such as hip-hop, contemporary, salsa and Broadway. Move out of your comfort zone and take some classes. I guarantee you wont regret it!

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