For His Birthday, Give Your Brother His First Mobile Phone

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If you’re like most people, a big challenge can be finding the perfect gift for your brother, or for any sibling for that matter. First and foremost, you want the gift to convey to him what he means to you and that you actually had his wishes in mind when you found the perfect gift. After years of purchasing gifts that were amazing, such as once-in-a-lifetime activity such as skydiving, or even tickets to see his favorite local band, you might want to consider something more practical, yet truly innovative and that he will be reminded of you every day.

Mobile Phones Are Our Connection to the World

A mobile phone can make an excellent gift for your brother, even if he has never had one, states the CNET website. Mobile phones have become a more than a means to communicate and stay in touch, today they are your connection to the world. Knowing this, there are many questions that you may want to consider before committing to it and taking the Flipkart couponplunge. From a practical side, unlike other electronic gadgets—such as a camera or a gaming device—a mobile phone may require a service plan to use any voice or data features. Unfortunately, if you’re shopping in a store, chances are they won’t let you leave the store until you have it set up. Alongside the setup, consider that the service contract may be a long term commitment. For these reasons, it may be best to not make the mobile phone a surprise for your sibling, and to outline with him what you’d like to purchase for him. The Indian Times recognizes that it is also for these reasons that it might be better to purchase the mobile phone online where you can shop side-by-side in the comfort of your home, using Flipkart Coupons to get the best deal for your money.

Involve Your Brother In The Final Phone Decision

Although it’s not recommended that you purchase a cell phone for your brother without confirming that he even wants one, chances are he’s been dreaming of one! There are many choices and you’ll need to be clear on which ones he likes: from the type of phone to the choice of carrier. That’s why it’s always a great idea to start at mydala—for the cost-savings coupons—and then click over to Flipkart, to review each product in detail. This is true even if your brother is fairly young. The Mobile Indian site recognizes that by “dumbing down” phones and not offering access to the Internet, to game apps, Facebook and Twitter, and to texting, you may find that he’ll lose interest in it very quickly. The phone should allow him the full connectivity that his digital generation has grown accustomed to, and should match both his skill and comfort level as well as yours. Too often the mistake has been made to purchase the product for the sake of safety only when your brother will most certainly keep the phone with him (and know where it is at all times) if it has the connectivity and games he loves, alongside the safety features your parents may need for peace of mind.

Do your research and know the carrier and make sure that the area it covers makes sense for your brother. It could be the slickest mobile phone ever, but if he can’t use it then it doesn’t make any sense to purchase it.

Mobile Phones Are Extensions Of Our Personality

Knowing that a mobile phone is a deeply personal gadget (unlike any other electronic device, really) that we interact with many times throughout the day, you’ll definitely want him in on making this decision. Some people see their mobile phone as an extension of their personality, so before a purchase is made, make sure the proper research has been done. In short, don’t buy more phone than your brother wants. Mobile phones definitely have a “wow” factor, but your brother may just want an inexpensive, easy-to-use handset that makes calls and doesn’t require a data plan. So do your homework on what kind of features he wants.

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Consider Giving an E-Coupon

Although you might feel that this takes some of the fun out of the gift-giving (and gift-opening), an e-coupon from mydala might be the perfect solution. That way, you can save money and give your brother a gift that allows him to choose exactly what he would prefer. If you really want your brother to have the joy of unwrapping a gift, consider purchasing an accessory for the mobile phone, or a toy mobile phone with a note attached.

As you’re looking for phones you may want to bring your parents into the conversation, because if they have a family plan for their phones, adding a new line for your brother will make sense. Your parents will also want to educate your brother on mobile phone etiquette and any rules they have about the number of texts, surfing the Internet if there’s a data plan and how much data and voice minutes he can use. Keep in mind that for many family plans not all participants need to live at the same address.


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