Tried & reviewed – Hamburg to Hastinapur

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So I was at Hauz Khas Village last week and came across this unusual sounding place – Hamburg to Hastinapur!
What were they going to offer I wondered – from faraway Germany to ancient-sounding Hastinapur! I walked in and here’s what I saw and ate:


At first glance, it appeared as another run-of-the-mill place but on entering it was a different story altogether! Reflecting an eclectic taste, the simple yet artfully done décor was the first thing that I found impressive about H2H. The play of colours displayed a soothing interaction between earthy hues and bold, vibrant shades. The seating arrangement was a fine balance of wood and leather endowing the place with a cosy and comfortable vibe.

If you’re wondering what’s with the name like I was, well it’s about the ancient and mystifying spice trade route! While their culinary delights focus on a few selected places from the route, they decided to stick to a name like Hamburg to Hastinapur to retain both the urban and ancient feel!

Not being much of a drinker, I decided to give the bar menu a skip and headed straight for the food menu! (I must mention however, that they have a pretty good selection of IMFLs and imported liquor brands as well.) I took one look at the menu and was massively impressed by the choices on offer!

From appetizers to desserts, the food here is simply incredible! Be it the famous Rajasthani Laal Maas, the evergreen Greek salad, the traditional pasta or the exotic Mediterranean and Persian delicacies, H2H offers a unique culinary experience that beautifully captures the essence of the places in its flavours. They also serve burgers, steaks and traditional fares like biryani, korma and a variety of other curries.

Shish Touk
Shish Touk

For starters I decided to try Shish Touk, which consists of chicken chunks marinated in yogurt, lemon juice and Mediterranean spices and served along with pickle, Pita & Humus. Two words – lip –smacking!

The main course brought in some more chicken! I opted for the Grilled Chicken which was chicken stuffed with spinach, cheese and mushrooms and grilled in black pepper sauce, and served with rice and a side salad. Mouth-watering…literally!

Dessert was a strict NO initially but my craving for chocolate is stronger than my will so there I was, happily savouring the heavenly chocolate truffle cake with vanilla ice-cream :-). I was stuffed with all the food I’d consumed but I was totally contented and loved every bite of my extravagant meal! The dessert pricing is a bit exorbitant though but overall, it was a good experience.

Chocolate Truffle Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Chocolate Truffle Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream

A splendid place for people with an appetite, Hamburg to Hastinapur is truly worth paying a visit if you’re looking for a fresh, new experience. The food’s authentic and simply great, the service is great and the place even has a live band performing on Saturdays! They have Karaoke nights and many other fun events as well!

The place can be crowded and finding a seat can be a tad bit difficult so make sure you give them a call prior to your visit!

Image Source: H2H Facebook Page
Image Source: H2H Facebook Page

If you’re tempted to check it out for yourself, use this deal before getting there!  Get it here!

Share your review about H2H here, we really wanna know 🙂

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