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There is the knockout one-two punch you can use if you’re thinking about travel, maybe have a short list of destinations you’d like to see, possibly a special romantic get-away or an adventure for you and your friends. Or, it could be you’re just keeping the wheels of commerce rolling, and it’s just business.

The first punch is getting the special offer. There are many coupon sites you can visit to get discounts on travel and hotel. These offers are especially welcome when you’re traveling on a budget, even just to save on the additional fees that may sneak up on you, for your luggage, for fuel, and for food. mydala’s affiliation with Cleartrip and the offers that this flash site offers are quick and easy, allowing you to save time and money on your next trip. This isn’t the most boring article about Cleartrip coupons you’ll ever read, because when you’re planning a trip for yourself, that’s the most exciting thing on the horizon! Getting the offer at is the first punch; planning the trip on and then going on it is the second punch—a total knock out offer and plan! Make sure you read the details on the offer parameters, such as travel dates, and you’ll reap the rewards of a first class vacation on a saver’s budget.

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Are You A Spontaneous Traveler?

If you’re spontaneous and you have a dream trip in mind, but not the details, chances are an offer will come through that is broad enough for you to purchase, and then you can flesh out the details later. Remember, once you’ve chosen your adventure, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! According to hotel technology company eRevMax, Cleartrip’s recent upgrades mean that you’ll find more selections at your fingertips faster, giving you choice and efficiency.

Are You A Planner When It Comes To Traveling?

If you’re more of a planner when it comes to traveling, once you’ve spent some time thinking about where you’d like to go and who would be with you, it’s time to watch the offers come in. Match your dream getaway with an amazing price and feel good all around.

Know that you’re not alone; many people prefer to have their travel plans laid out before they commit to anything. Perhaps you have a destination that you must go to (such as for the holidays) or something more adventurous, such as a trip to the ocean or mountains. If you have some destinations that are already planned out, or you need a nudge to get you out of the daily humdrum, visit Cleartrip Collections. When you scroll through the destinations, you’ll be inspired by the lush photography and experience what is available to you and is just a click away. Imagine being whisked away with your friends or special loved one. Inspire yourself often, come up with different travel plans, and different getaways.

Go On An Affordable Weekend Getaway

Sometimes it’s easier to sneak away for a weekend, and making plans for it aren’t as complicated or pricey. If you’re looking for an affordable weekend getaway, catch an online coupon with special offer, then go to Cleartrip’s weekend getaways landing page and plan out the details. Some of the offers may be for a specific location, but often the deals are broad enough that you can choose to go wherever you would like (or need to), selecting from one of Cleartrip’s partners, such as (X) which are often first class lodging.

cleartrip coupons

Staycation … Get Discounts on Day Activities

The India Times recently posted that Staycations are all the rage. While you’re at it, you might want to investigate activities to amplify the fun while on your stay-at-home vacation and get deals on these activities. Alongside the great travel deals and the knowledge that you’re going to be pampered through Clear channel properties, mydala also offers great deals on a wide-range of activities like yoga, Zumba and spas, not to mention fantastic restaurant offers. Try these activities and food ideas when you reach your destination or even in your hometown. With deals in 152 cities and counting, you’re sure to find something remarkable.

Look Before You Buy

The worst thing that could happen to a potential traveler is a scam. The second is that the fine print wasn’t read. When using a trusted couponing website, you can be assured that you’re dealing with a reputable company who backs their offers. For example, all of mydala’s customers can redeem their Cleartrips coupon offers easily and with no questions. It’s safe to say that the undisputed leader in flash sales in India, Cleartrip is the leader for destination management.


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