Enjoying Luxury Travel on a Budget

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Around the world travelers all have one common goal. They want to get out and explore. Some may even create a travel bucket list of sorts, listing all of their dream vacation ideas. While some of these ideas, like traveling to another planet may not happen, a majority of ideas can be realized with some amazing planning. Pulling off a luxury vacation on a budget is going to take a lot of creativity and planning. However, in the end the experience will be well worth it.
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Before Embarking on the Adventure

For any adventure to be a success there must be some prior planning involved. This is even more important when it comes to planning a luxurious getaway while working within the constraints of a budget.

  • Know your budget. Luxury travel is certainly going to cost more to enjoy. Before you take to Pintrest or other sites looking for ideas on how to create your dream vacation, be realistic. Look over your finances and know what a comfortable budget is for you to work with. This bottom line will guide you through the rest of your choices.
  • Use technology to the fullest extent possible. The Internet is full of websites offering travel tips and deals, use them. Prior to booking any travel plans check out sites such as mydala and search ClearTrip coupons to see what types of deals and discounts are available.
  • There’s an app for that. Check into some of the best travel apps available, according to Travel India.
  • Plan a trip around the deals you find in order to get maximum adventure for minimal cost.

Where to Go

The question of where to go on this luxurious trip of a lifetime is an individual choice. Luxury can be found in locales around the world. It is all up to the traveler(s) to decide what their version of luxury is. Once that decision has been made, narrow down your destination options by factoring in the following:

  • How much time is available for this adventure?
  • Is there a certain mood that the trip is meant to set? In other words, are you looking to get married or celebrate another momentous life event during your trip of a lifetime?
  • Do you want privacy or do you want to interact with other travelers?
  • Go coach, but enjoy the luxury of club. If you are planning to fly to your luxury destination, don’t spend the extra money on first class seats. Rather, save it for when you arrive by accessing the lounge amenity through credit card programs, according to the site CNTraveller.


Beyond simply picking a breathtaking destination for this adventure, you are going to need a place to stay. Here is where the question of luxury can really impact your travel plans.

Look outside the tourist areas. Nearly all countries around the world have areas that are attractive to the tourists. Simply changing neighborhoods could help you save on the accommodations and create a quieter atmosphere for those times when you need to escape and recharge. Go in the off season to get the experience at a lower cost. Enjoy the luxurious trip of your dreams without the hassle of high tourist season, according to the Travel Outlook India website.

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Do you want to pay for luxury up front and stay at a five-star hotel in their best room? If that is your goal, but your bank account will not allow it, don’t worry. There is another way to accomplish the same feeling. See if that same hotel has a room available at a lower price and then contact those in charge, according to LifeHacker India.

If you are planning for a special occasion, or just want an extra special treat when you arrive then see what kind of special perks a hotel has. For instance, if you are looking to achieve romance see if you can have flowers and possibly a special drink arranged to be in the room upon your arrival.

What to Eat

Indulge! At least once while you are enjoying your dream vacation, indulge in a meal that definitely costs more than you would normally spend. Look for some high end locations while you are out and about and return to them. Ask your hotel staff for recommendations, they are going to be a wealth of information and can help make reservations.

Go for lunch! Instead of waiting until dinner to have that dream restaurant experience, go at lunchtime. Chances are the crowds will be smaller, making for a more intimate atmosphere. The prices will likely be cheaper, meaning you can enjoy the experience and save some money towards your budget.

Enjoying luxury travel on a budget takes work, but with some prior planning and a few insider tips, it can be done. Take your time and indulge your senses while planning the trip of a lifetime.


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