Don’t let the service tax hike burn a hole in your pocket!

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We totally empathize with you. The common thread of suffering we all share brings us closer together as we bear the brunt of the service tax hike, already in effect since June 1st. It would come to me as no surprise if you have placed Arun Jaitley amongst the likes of Mogambo, Hannibal Lecter and Ultron, as the whole country is reeling against his decision to bring more services (many of them oft used and cherished) under the ambit of service tax. There is however a silver lining to every cloud. This hike may benefit you in ways you may not immediately comprehend, but are beneficial in other ways. Here is a list as short as the negative list of service tax levies, but one which offers hope for saving precious hard earned money.

1. Re – connect at home

It is difficult to let go of your weekend trips to the mall or your favourite restaurant, considering that they are probably your only source of succour in the concrete jungle you call home. But you need them nonetheless. Alternate between going for family outings and spending some quality time at home. It is scorching outside nonetheless, isn’t it? Daddies, muster up your long forgotten culinary skills and cook up something for the wife and kids. Give your better half some rest.


Mommies, try to experiment something new. Make some refreshing recipes; hummus and pita right out of the fridge is heavenly in this heat, and it is healthy for your kids too. Boys and girls, your parents have worked hard for all the comforts you enjoy, show them some gratitude. Spend time with the folks who back you up whenever you are under weather. As for your trips, we have something up our sleeve that will help you save even when you go out!

2. Find unorthodox means of entertainment

Caption: Try some karaoke at home!
Caption: Try some karaoke at home!

Folk dances and performances have been left out of the tax levy list, so why not make the best of it? For once you may let go of your most favoured discotheque and go attend a tribal folk dance or song routine. You know, they are not all that bad, even if you are a hard core city bug. In fact, the tribal progressive drum n’ bass mixes that make you sway like a dervish have been inspired from these artists. Why not go for the original and delve into the ancient heritage of our country? Haha – kidding. Just try some karaoke at home!

3. And now the big one – deals are levy proof!


This is the antidote to the snake venom, the elixir of life, the key to shopper salvation. Online deals are pre- approved, making them levy proof! There are some pretty awesome deals available at There are plenty of deals on everything from buffets, unlimited drinks and facials, car care and gym sessions. What’s more, you even get amazing grocery deals for everyday items!

With the NCRs top brands, eateries, gyms, shopping malls and premium service providers to choose from, it is not just a good bargain, it’s ‘har baar-gain’. So now you know how to combat the service tax hike. Spread the word, fellow human. Let everyone benefit.

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Don’t let the service tax hike burn a hole in your pocket!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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