Bridal Series: Meet Real Bride Ankita

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Hi folks, the wedding season is just about to start and all brides going crazy in the mad rush to book their bridal and pre-bridal sessions, P.A.U.S.Ebefore you transform into a Bridezilla, help is at hand. We present some pointers from a real bride on how to choose the salon and stylist that will help you in becoming the bride of your dreams.

Ladies, presenting Ankita Thukral

ankita mydala

A brand manager by profession, Ankita is a typical Delhi girl who is a self-confessed shopaholic, loves to party and discover new hang-outs with her friends. She got married in February, 2014 and conducted an extensive survey several months prior to her D-Day. She chose Looks for her pre-bridal sessions and Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers (MDM) for her other functions – roka, sagan and wedding. Ankita was styled by Meenakshi Dutt herself and is all praise for the make-up artist (MUA) and her professional approach. Here’s what she said: “I chose Meenakshi Dutt after visiting several salons and the moment I spoke with her, I immediately knew she would be able to get me the look I wanted for my big day. I went to her outlet in Punjabi Bagh, though I’ve heard that the one in Shivalik is quite beautiful. She has the knack of enhancing a person’s best features and also masking the problem areas. She can truly transform the person; she has magic in her hands”. In the end, what matters is a happy bride, and Meenakshi Dutt got full marks on this. image ankita   Ankita also shared a few tips on what to look for when you do your recce for the best make-up artist. This is what we got – read on:

         1.      Go Online

There is some wisdom in life that you find in books, for everything else there’s Google. The web is full of reviews and recommendations to help you make an informed choice while looking for a bridal salon or MUA. Start your research at least six months before the D-Day. It’s best to find a MUA or salon close to the wedding venue, though I do know of some people who travelled across the city just to get their make-up done from a particular artist. There are many bridal blogs also where reviewers have shared their experience, and it’s all out there for you to benefit from. Many make-up artists have their own Facebook pages also, and they put up pictures of different looks and styles. And the best recommendation: a great experience that your sister/cousin/friend had!

        2.      Set A Budget

You might want to look like a million bucks, but can you really afford to pay astronomical amounts for it? The best way is to lock a budget, a good MUA can set you back by 10-20k and the more famous ones charge much higher.

        3.      Makeup Type?

Once you have shortlisted a few choices, call them and enquire about the kind of make-up they will be using. Most good ones use Mac or Kryolan products, while Airbrush is a very popular technique these days.weddeing dress

         4.      Portfolio Check

You need to make a few trips to the studio/salon and check-out their folios. Artists usually have printed folios or have pictures to show on their tablets. Try to see some before/after pics so that you can visualize yourself also after the make-up. bridal makeup

        5.      Talk, Talk, Talk

Book an appointment with your stylist and sit with her to discuss the look you have in mind. If possible, show her a picture of your outfit, and the kind of jewellery you will be wearing. If you have a particular look in mind, tell her – just because a lot of brides are going for red lips and smokey eyes, doesn’t mean you need to do the same. Basically, you need to make the artist your best friend for some time, and have frank, honest discussions with her. You should be able to trust her, and she should be willing to have the patience to really listen to you.

       6.       Dry Run

MUAs and salons usually charge for it, but you will save a lot of time and be a lot-less stressed if you get a quick make-up trial. You’ll get a fair idea of the skill of the artist and what you can expect on D-day. If at this stage you are not satisfied, run and repeat the steps above. Most importantly, follow your instinct; it’s your very own magic wand.   If you are a bride-to-be or a new bride and would like to share your story with us, please do write in, leave a comment and we will get in touch with you. What’s more, we’ll even give you a few services free as a bridal gift! Cheers! 🙂 Photo credit: Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers facebook page

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