Becoming One of the Cool Kids: Affordable Tablets for the Thrifty Shopper


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I never thought I would start a sentence like this, but here it goes: back in my day, we were considered “cool” if we carried around a pager and had a computer with Internet access. Internet wasn’t wireless. Instead, the required tools for Internet use were a telephone cord, a modem and a tolerance for an annoying fax machine like buzz as you waited for your computer to connect online. That certainly isn’t the case now.

Nowadays, phones have touchscreens, we live by our apps and we communicate with each other by tweeting. It feels like there’s a new piece of technology hitting the scene with just a snap of your fingers, making it nearly impossible to keep up with it all. Sure there are tons of smartphones and tablets out there, but where do you even start looking for one? This is where Tradus comes in.

What Is Tradus?

This is a website that sells all sorts of merchandise for affordable prices. From tablets and clothing to toys and cosmetics, the site is sort of a one stop shop for anything you can think of. This may look a bit off-putting, at first. How great can the electronics be if the site doesn’t focus solely on computers and televisions? Fortunately, it works just as well as any other site that specializes in electronics. It’s easy to use, it has a huge selection, and the prices are unbeatable.

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If I were to compare the site to something, I would say that it’s similar to Amazon. Each product has a number of sellers, and you can decide who to buy it from. For example, there might be 11 people selling the Samsung Galaxy S. On the page for that product, you’ll see the list of sellers, along with a rating for each one. You can click on the seller and see a breakdown of their positive and negative feedback, giving you an idea of their selling history so you can decide if they’re a person you want to buy from. You can also ask that seller questions before you make a purchase or you can see what else they’re selling.

Why Shop Online Instead of in a Store?

I wasn’t looking to spend much money on a tablet. I was pretty content with my computer, but seeing everyone checking email on the go and typing messages on tiny keyboards really piqued my interest. It’s all about keeping up with the times, you know. While I had been considering a laptop for when I was on the go, getting something light that I could easily fit in a bag seemed like a better deal. I’d checked out tablets in a few stores, but they always seemed to have the newest, most expensive models, with features I wasn’t really interested in. They also only had one row of tablets, limiting my options to a handful of models. There had to be more tablets than that, right? This is why I prefer online shopping. I can browse a huge library of options, letting me look at different models and brands so I can actually research the product and figure out what’s best for me.

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How Does It Works?

Everything is broken down into several different categories. In the “Tablets” section, you’ll see a side panel with a different breakdown of the tablets. You can search through a long list of brand names that allows you to go for what you know – Apple, Samsung and things like that. If you’re like me, you’re just looking for something within a reasonable price range that doesn’t make you feel like you spent a month’s rent on a piece of technology you can look up on some online discount coupons for Tradus on tablets that can help you save money . That’s what the price range bar is for. Believe it or not, a lot of the tablets do not make it to the top price. Many are on the lower end of the price margin, which was absolutely perfect for me. If you have physical specifications you want your tablet to meet, you can look them up by screen size, getting something fairly small or something as large as 11 inches. You can also search by city and region, so you can get your product from somewhere close to home. But the niftiest feature of all is right on the iTunes website, where you can download an app for, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your phone.

When it comes to looking for tablets, this is a site that I would highly recommend. It’s easy to navigate through with a huge selection of high quality products. There are tablets for the “cool” kids who know way more about technology than I do, and there are tablets for people like me, who just want check email, play a game or two, poke someone on Facebook and feel like they’re in the know.

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