5 Ways to be Popular at Work

how to be popular at work

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We all want to popular at work, don’t we? But it’s not so easy – some achieve it effortlessly while others strive and never get it! Follow our 5 steps and you might just get there.

1. Don’t try

21 5 Ways to be Popular at Work

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The secret to being popular is that just don’t try hard to be popular. Trying to impress or please someone may do for that moment, but unfortunately, is not sustainable on a long term. Be your natural self and avoid attempts to rise in others’ esteem.

2. Be yourself

53 5 Ways to be Popular at Work

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You just cannot pretend to be someone who you’re not. There is insincerity in your thoughts when you try to impress someone. Learn how to be content with who you are and you will attract other people.

3. Mind your own business

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One of the most important aspects of getting on someone’s good side is refraining from gossip. Intruding in someone else’s personal matters puts you downright in an unfavorable light. If someone shares something personal with you, make sure that it doesn’t make the rounds at office.

4. Have a big heart

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Forget small mistakes and appreciate the positives. If you keep judging people critically, they will naturally be slighted. Learn how to appreciate the good qualities and they will start warming up to you.

5. Follow your ideals

 5 Ways to be Popular at Work

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If you exude a solid character, people will start looking up to you. Honesty, humility, kindness and strength are attributes that you need to start working on. The secret to popularity is being self-giving and honest.

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 5 Ways to be Popular at Work

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 5 Ways to be Popular at Work

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