10 Commandments to enjoy the festive season!

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Life in itself is a celebration, but the onset of October is particularly significant as it marks the arrival of the festival season in all its grandeur and glory. With a chain of festivals following one after the other, there is always much to look forward to – food, family time, fun with friends, break from schools and offices and of course, the endless shopping that seems to go on and on and on!


So, here’s a list of festive season commandments that’ll help you enjoy this season of festivities in a more enriching, albeit a slightly different way.

1. Thou shalt be wise and plan before shopping – make a list! 


2. Thou shalt not shop without a budget! 


3. Thou shalt buy diyas for Diwali! 


4. Thou shalt eat lots of sweets! 


5. Thou shalt be eco-friendly and avoid crackers! 


6. Thou shalt use more and more coupons


7. Thou shalt download apps and subscribe more! 


8. Thou shalt keep thy eyes open for the best deals!


9. Thou shalt be kind and share more!


10. Thou shalt not miss a good sale! 


Warm festive season wishes to all our readers :-). Have a great time celebrating and making merry folks and don’t forget to follow the commandments of the festive season!

We’d love to hear from you! So write to us and share your experiences 🙂

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