Why You Need Spa Treatment?

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The beneficiary effect of the Spa:

Imagine your mind and body is fully worked out and to get it back working again will take some time. If we try going without proper rest, your system will protest. When we abuse our body, it let us know in the form of pains and aches. This is the time that we need to heal and the best place to do it is in a spa. Considering  that medical experts cite stress as the number one factor in illnesses, stress relief is the main priority of most spa seekers. With services that focus on de-stressing the mind, body and spirit, the benefits of a spa treatment go beyond mere relaxation and beautification.

a bb spa 021 Why You Need Spa Treatment?The relaxing & healthy effect of the spa has been discovered thousands of years ago and the spa industry has grown much till nowadays. Being the basis of the spa concept, hydrotherapy creates both relaxing and healthy experience through its three main ingredients: heat, massage and buoyancy. The warm water has the ability to dilate the blood vessels and thus to increase blood flow to damaged or sore tissues and stimulate the recovery process by allowing oxygen and various nutrients to the body. Soaking in a hot spa will also carry away the lactic acid that is built up in muscles during exercises and remove the stiffness after a heavy physical activity. Thus, warm spa has found its application for rehabilitative therapies and is being recommended by many physicians and physiotherapists.


Hot water therapies relieve number of diseases, among which are diabetics and arthritis. Some studies revealed that by regular soaking in a hot spa diabetics’ sufferers may reduce their blood sugar levels and improve their sleeping pattern. Those that suffer from arthritis can also take advantage of the hydrotherapy, which has its positive effects if applied regularly: restoring flexibility of the joints and keeping them moving, as well as preventing further damage. Therefore people with such ailments will be able to reduce the pain and discomfort while performing certain physical activity.

Hot spa deals has also important non-physical benefits on the person by revitalizing one’s mind and spirit. The buoyancy in warm water will slow down your pulse and the massaging jets will stimulate your blood circulation, thus giving you energy and making your muscles and skin relaxed. It is proved that by regular use of the spa you can loose weight and reduce cellulite.

This would be a very pleasant substitute for the exhausting work-out in the gym, since you can simply relax and tone the body tissues. Moreover, those that have problems with sleeping can find the resolution by soaking in a warm spa and thus relieving stress before going to bed. Almost every person suffers from stress in their everyday life, which causes the heart work harder and the digestion slow down. Stress has negative effect on the processes in the body and, according to different studies, 80% of diseases are stress related. Besides hydrotherapy, you can enjoy a massage in the spa and stimulate the release of endorphins. This way you will remove the accumulated stress, feel better and ready for the new challenges of life. You can feel the benefits of the spa services during all seasons, especially in winter when the cold weather causes havoc on skin, leaving it dry and cracked. For further facilitation a personal spa will provide you all the benefits of the spa, whenever you feel the need to relax and use regularly the advantages of its services.

 Why You Need Spa Treatment?Fangotherapy

Fangotherapy combines the use of mud, peat and clay for healing purposes of various disorders. These materials have the property of preserving heat and have positive impact on the blood circulation, detoxification, as well as relieving pains and injuries. Some types of fango have also anti-inflammatory effect and help against soft-tissue ailments. The clay benefits on the skin through drawing out the impurities and supporting the natural exfoliation, after which the skin is left smooth and gentle. Peat and mud soften the skin’s texture, normalize its Ph and that is why the fangotherapy is suitable both for dry and oily types of skin. The fango procedures are a bit unusual, since they include covering the body in thick and warm mud, but the effect is amazing and many spas offer this service.


The term for thalassotherapy derives from the Greek word thalassos, meaning “sea” and relates to the medical use of seawater. Wide variety of natural treatments is incorporated in this therapy which has highly positive effect on the skin, relieves stress and improves the overall sense for well-being. The therapy is applied in different variations such as showers of warmed seawater (Vichy shower), application of algae paste or marine mud, as well as inhalation of sea fog.

 Why You Need Spa Treatment?Elements of the seawater such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and sulphates are believed to have beneficial effects on the pores of the skin. The other components such as various types of seaweed contribute positively with their antibiotic, bacterialstatic and antiviral properties.

As a result the thalassotherapy may help you to relax but also fights with the symptoms of aging, reduces the cellulite and rejuvenate your body. The marine and ocean environment will melt away the stress of everyday life and treat positively your body and mind. Thalassotherapy helps with diseases, such as respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma and bronchitis), circulatory diseases (e.g. arteriosclerosis and hypertension) and muscle atrophy, as well as has anti-inflammatory effect on rheumatism and arthritis. In general, seawater treatments have positive impact on the immune system and improve the quality of the sleep, like the fangotherapy.

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 Why You Need Spa Treatment?


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