What’s monsoon without these munchies?


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There’s something about the rain that you can’t help but love. The arrival of monsoon ushers in a lot…pouring rain, amazing weather, crazy traffic, endless moments of fun, and of course, a delicious array of savouries that have become a symbol of “must-have food in monsoon.”

A quintessential part of Indian cuisine, and much loved by folks across the country, these tucks and snacks have almost become synonymous with the rains! Here’s a look at some of the best snacks you need to feast on this monsoon.

211 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

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1. Cutting Chai

There’s nothing like a cup of garam chai anyway…but during the rainy season this incredible drink can make you reach stellar levels of happiness and comfort, especially after a tiring day. Have it with your favourite cookie or some samosas or a plate of pakoras and enjoy pure bliss!

310 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

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2. Samosa

The ideal snack for any and every occasion, the good ol samosa with its wide variety of heavenly stuffing, is something that makes the rain filled days all the more endearing! And to have it with a cup of piping hot tea…simply wow!

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3. Pakoras or Fritters

An ideal fast food during monsoon, pakoras come in all shapes and sizes and often turn up as a comfort food for most of us! Be it onion, potato, green chilli, paneer or whatever that suits your fancy, monsoon will be simply incomplete without a plate of pakoras and some nice chai!

59 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

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4. Momos

It’s never a bad time to have some momos, right? We think the same, and indeed, a rainy evening becomes even more delightful with a plate or two of these amazing dumplings. Have it with the fiery red chilli sauce or schezwan sauce and mmmm…just go crazy in the rain, eh!

69 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

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5. Bhutta or Corn on the Cob

There’s nothing quite like having a bhutta on a rainy day…seriously! Tender roasted corn with a dash of tangy lime and salt to it…bhuttas are a heavenly treat for any day or any season (and it’s such a delight to simply watch the fellow prepare it!) Take a walk with your friends, munch away on some lemony corn and soak in a little fun in the rain…

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6. Jalebis

A little sweetness can make all the troubles of the world vanish in an instant, don’t you think so? Precisely why a plate of warm, crispy jalebis can be so much fun in the rain! Enjoy the sound of raindrops on your window while savouring a plate of this sugary delight…happiness guaranteed!

86 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

7. Pav Bhaji

From the hypnotic city of Mumbai comes this amazing dish that’s not only a much relished fast food during monsoon but also a great dish to satisfy your hunger pangs. Rich in taste and flavours, pav bhaji is a much loved monsoon snack not just in Mumbai but in many places across the country!

95 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

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8. Spring Rolls

Simple yet superbly tasty, spring rolls are a great snack, come rain or sunshine! Choose from a variety of fillings and enjoy your monsoon evenings with a plate of spring rolls. You can even try making them at home!

105 What’s monsoon without these munchies?

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The monsoon can be both fun and a menace at the same time! Nonetheless there’s always something to look forward to – from enjoying the beauty of the rain-soaked urban landscape to the simple delights of eating your favourite food.

Hope you had fun reading this…Do write to us and share your views.

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 What’s monsoon without these munchies?
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