Train Together, Stay Together!

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“It’s the moments together that change us forever…”

The desire to stay fit is mutual but not many couples take the step to partner up as a fitness couple. While working out is a major stress buster, doing so as a couple can be both fun and romantic at the same time! Whether in the gym or at home, start working out with your partner and strengthen your bond all the more, for the benefits of working out as a couple are plenty. We take a look at few of them icon smile Train Together, Stay Together!

24 Train Together, Stay Together!

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1. Look pretty and stay healthy – Whether it’s your skin or your muscles, working out together helps you strive towards the same goals. And it also helps you achieve them as you become each other’s motivators and competitors at the same time!

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2. Less fights as you find a better way to release your anger – There’s less drama and angry outbursts as both of you find the perfect alternative to let out all the steam icon smile Train Together, Stay Together!

3. Drop the suspicion – Being at the same place at the same time gives you more space for emotional bonding and less space for suspicion. As Deepak Tejsinghani (Managing Director, Surfset Fitness India) says “When you work out in tandem, you share an exercise ‘high’ due to increased serotonin in the brain and this helps build trust with your partner.

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4. No more pretence – Sweaty clothes and tired looks become your last priority when sharing happy moments become your top priority! So hanging out after a sweaty gym session becomes way better as neither of you feel shy or uncomfortable being your real self in front of each other icon smile Train Together, Stay Together!

5. Sharing becomes a joy – Besides the love there’s a whole lotta other stuff that you can now share with each other! Playlists, similar routine, diet plans and food choices, and new hopes and aspirations too!

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6. Helps you become better teammates – Better communication and better co-ordination along with the constant motivation helps you both understand the dynamism of your relation way better icon smile Train Together, Stay Together!

7. More time together means more fun – From matching each other’s rhythms while lifting weights to matching each other’s dance moves, studies indicate that when you decide to work-out together, you become more emotionally attuned. Plus, you’ll get all the more reasons to share a good laugh for every mistake made icon smile Train Together, Stay Together!

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8. More Energy = More Happiness – Regular workout boosts your energy levels, making you more positive and happy as a person. With time this starts reflecting in various aspects of your lives and infuses your relationship with more enthusiasm, positivity and happiness.

Working out with your partner provides the perfect opportunity to have a better and newer understanding of each other as it gives your relation a new dynamism and a new life. So drop the inhibition folks and start planning your fitness schedule today!

We’d like to know your views icon smile Train Together, Stay Together! … So be sure to write to us!

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 Train Together, Stay Together!
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