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Hrithik has one. Priyanka has one too. So do Deepika and Ranbir.  Angelina Jolie has 12 and Justin Bieber has 20! Yes, we are talking about tattoos!

An employee at mydala has nine of them, and it made us wonder about what it really takes to get inked. If you have been thinking about getting one for yourself, but don’t know where to start, read on:


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So here’s how to get a tattoo in 7 easy steps:

1.Figure out what you want

People get inked for different reasons – to create a unique identity for themselves, as an edgy style statement, to honour a loved one, to reflect their relationship status (remember Saifeena and Brangelina?), to celebrate a milestone, an act of rebellion or simply just to cover up a scar! Whatever your reason, be sure you really really want it! You are the one who has to live with it!

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  2.    Get creative

Before you visit a tattoo artist, spend some time in deciding the design or text. A pretty butterfly? Your sun sign? The nick name your girlfriend gave you? A line from the Gayatri mantra? Let your imagination run riot. Pick something that you will be comfortable with on your skin for the rest of your life. Your tattoo is going to be a great conversation starter, even when you are 40 years old. So make sure you have an interesting story.

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3.    Find the right artist

Tattoo parlours have mushroomed all over the city, but not everyone has the skill or talent to give you one that you’ll love. Read some reviews on, for first-hand user reviews of some of the best tattoo parlours in your city,find out what other users have said about a particular artist, and make an informed choice. In this field, recommendations go a long way.

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  4.   Read the writing on the wall

Visit the parlour before the actual D-Day. Your gut feeling will help you in deciding if you will be able to get what you want. Look out for tell-tale signs, is the place hygienic enough, how do they sterilize their machines, what kind of needles do they keep? If it looks unclean, or you generally don’t feel good about it, walk out and find another studio!

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     5.  Talk, talk, talk

Once you’ve identified the artist, have a lengthy discussion with him/her. Most good tattoo artists will have a portfolio of options to choose from. Ask him to draw a sample for you so that you can figure if the colours you chose work or not. Tell him everything you have in mind – size, colours, and inspiration.

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  6.    Choose the right location…

…for your tattoo. Where you want your tattoo is also a matter of some deliberation. Some areas of the body are popular based on gender. Women tend to go for one their ankles, wrists or lower back, as it makes them feel feminine and sensuous. Men would go for their arms or even the back of their necks.

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7.     Finally, relax!

 It’s okay to be a little excited, nervous even. Tattoo veterans say it just feels like a tiny bee pricking at you…but as they say- no pain, no gain! Time for each procedure varies – from five minutes to several hours. So remember to bring your patience with you. In case you have a low threshold of pain, distract yourself – loud Bollywood usually works. Find your playlist, and play on!!

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There are some post-procedure precautions – no hanging out at the beach, swimming, gymming, or getting drunk for some time. And voila! You join the galaxy of beautiful people who sport a piece of art on their body.

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                         With inputs from Amy Ink Tattooz, Gurgaon
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