The Truth About Charcoal – Is It For You?

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We’ve been getting a lot of buzz around charcoal lately. It is the new magic ingredient in your favorite beauty products. A lot of major beauty brands have come up with their own range of charcoal-based skin care products. For someone who loves to try out new stuff on her skin, I have already tried a good number of activated charcoal products on my skin.

2 The Truth About Charcoal – Is It For You?


Activated charcoal boasts of exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging pores and removing deep impurities for a healthy and radiant skin. So does it really stand true to all its claims? Apparently, yes. It’s in every product that there is – from soap, face cleanser and cleansing sponge to shampoo and even tooth powder! I’ve used activated charcoal-based face cleanser and my skin feels pleasantly soft & clean and it doesn’t make me reach out for a moisturizer. Overall, activated charcoal-based products are highly recommended as the ultimate remedy for uneven and dull skin!

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 The Truth About Charcoal – Is It For You?

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 The Truth About Charcoal – Is It For You?

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