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Jaipur has been one of my favorite destinations and I am sure many others who have visited this place share the same view. Unlike other tourist destinations in India; it does not merely present ancient forts but exemplifies the true essence of India. It is a prototype of the myriad cultures and traditions that make India what it is today. If the glorious stucco buildings won’t take your breath away then the vibrant bazaars will.

 I visited this beautiful pink city with my family and since we had booked our package from an online travel deal; we were provided an itinerary which saved us the trouble of planning out the trip. Our first day was spent at the luxurious hotel we stayed in which exhibited the traditional Jaipur. One thing that any person who has visited this place would agree with is that Jaipur offers the best range of hotels at cheap prices. Anyway, after a long tedious journey and a longer period of rest we left to explore the night life in Jaipur. All I can say is; I was transported back in time; the night view of Jaipur city is magical, when it is lit up in the evening, the pink hues of the city change into various colours. There are several bazaars to explore, and each one is like unravelling another layer of an onion. To witness the stimulating aroma of spices, smoke from open fires and sweet fragrant tea being brewed was an overwhelming experience for all of us.

After truck loads of shopping (thanks to my aunts) we tried the traditional thali at Chawki Dhani. You can not miss this in Jaipur. It offers you traditional Rajasthani food in the quaint mud and thatch dwellings. The live music and dance mesmerized me and the food truly represented the rich Rajasthani flavours. After a happy and heavy stomach, we left for our hotel, eager to wake up next day and explore more of this magnificent city.

The next day was well spent visiting the travel deals for Jaipur like Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Astronomical Observatory, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and its Museum. Amber Fort is a majestic fort on the brink on the Amer hill overlooking the pastoral landscapes of the ground and the Jaipur city. The City Palace and the royal museum tell a saga of rich past. The Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Winds still echoes the gossips of the royal ladies (as told to me by the local guide). A Ride on decorated elephant was surely royal fun and marked the end of a perfect day.

Finally it was time to wrap up our visit and even though my mom had to drag me to this vacation, I couldn’t thank her enough now. Rajasthan has gained a new definition for me and would always remind me of “Khamma Ghani” (most welcome) a common word used by every local, the vivid bazaars, the rich and tasteful Rajasthani food, the forts that remind one of Kings and Queens, and the ancient folklores. 

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