Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

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Want to lose weight but don’t like the idea of sweating it out in the gym? Find that too boring? Well, you are not alone! More and more people who are committed to fitness are finding options outside the gym.

Quit making excuses to avoid the gym and usher in some freshness and newness in your fitness schedule by trying something fun, quirky and different.

13 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

Check out these awesome alternatives and weight loss tips that will definitely make you have fun while you’re breaking sweat.

1. Have Fun With A Hula Hoop:

Usually considered a child’s game, hula hooping for weight loss is an amazing way to enjoy your time while trying to lose those extra pounds. It’s fun, intensive and can be used by the young and old alike. There are oodles of hula hooping benefits: it tones the thighs, abdomen, glutes and arms, and can burn up to 200 calories in just half an hour! So wait no more and start your hula hooping exercise dance from today!

21 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

2. Feel Enlivened With Yoga:

One of the easiest and healthiest alternatives to gymming, yoga can help you lose weight naturally. Apart from keeping the body, mind and soul aligned, there are many other benefits of yoga. It keeps the body in shape, de-stresses the mind, detoxifies the body, improves immunity and benefits each and every organ in our body. But if it’s some serious weight loss that you’re aiming at, then yoga should always be done under the supervision of an instructor and over a period of time. There are different types of yoga to facilitate your fitness routine like Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga etc. You can choose from a vivid range like yoga for beginners, yoga for children, yoga for professionals or prenatal yoga for moms to be or mothers with new-born babies and so on.

36 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

3. How About A Game Of Badminton:

Remember those childhood days when a simple game of badminton used to be so fun? Well it’s still the same. A good game of baddie can be immensely beneficial in shedding those extra kilos. Badminton strengthens and tones your upper limb, upper arm, forearm, abdomen and back, thighs and calves. Plus, you can burn as much as 100-200 calories in a 30 minute session! It’s has immense benefits for the heart, for people with osteoporosis, and even reduces incidence of cancers like breast cancer and cancer of the large bowel. So yes! It’s time to say ‘bye-bye gym’ and hello badminton fitness!

4 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

4. Look Like A Pro…Try Kickboxing:

A combination of aerobics and martial arts techniques, a kickboxing workout is another awesome option for losing weight. A single kickboxing training session can help you burn about 275 to 450 calories in just half an hour! The movements and sequences are balanced in a way that the entire body gets worked. There are many kickboxing benefits: it helps tone the legs, strengthens the torso and core area muscles, back, shoulders and arms. Kickboxing is also effective for raising the heart rate and improving cardiovascular endurance. The sessions are designed such that they’re not only intense but also diverse, leaving very little space for one to get bored!

55 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

5. Get Adventurous With Rock Climbing:

For adventure junkies indoor rock climbing is a great option – gives them a sense of adventure and some solitary time while flexing some muscles. It involves extreme workout for the back, abdominal and leg muscles as well as the fingers, shoulders and arms. It also improves stamina, flexibility and agility. Rock climbing is also an excellent way to reduce risks for heart disease, high BP, high blood cholesterol and diabetes and improves your mood and reduces depression. This sport in the beginner level can be tried by people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities including mental and physical impairments.

64 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

6. Dance It Away:

Dancing is cool way to stay fit while having some serious fun! It’s a high energy fitness workout that not only helps to burn calories and keep you in shape but also enhances your energy levels. There are numerous dancing exercises to lose weight and you can try them all at home! You can also join some dancing exercise classes and opt for one specific dance form like Salsa, Samba, Hip Hop, and Bollywood or go for something like Zumba which fuses Latin music with contemporary dance moves borrowed from a diverse range of dance styles like Flamenco, Samba, Cha-Cha, Tango, Belly Dancing. And if that’s not you’re your kinda thing, then you can just put on your favourite Bollywood track and start shaking a leg or two at home!

74 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

7. Go For A Swim:

One of the best cardiovascular exercises known to man, swimming workouts are always a good choice. Especially with the summer already in, a chance to splash around in water is always a good choice, don’t you think? And in case the regular swimming technique gets too boring, then you can always try a game of water volleyball or something similar and add some fun to your swimming exercise routine.

84 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

8. Try Some Community Gardening:

Gardening for weight loss might sound crazy but even half an hour spent in kneeling, digging, watering and spending time with the plants can be immensely beneficial. Easier than it looks, gardening requires some serious muscle work, and is very good for the strengthening the lungs and the heart. However, there is always the problem of space in an urban setting; hence the idea of community gardening can be a wonderful option for socialising and spending quality time with friends and neighbours. Also it’s an important contribution for a healthy eco system.

94 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight

Image Source: www.urbanleaves.org

We all know that a healthy atmosphere, a calm mind and good food are crucial for living and maintaining a healthy life. But if you feel gyms are plain boring, expensive or claustrophobic (!), you have so many alternatives. So whether it’s those extra kilos that you want to shed or simply try something new and different, let these alternatives bring you closer to balance, harmony and good health. Remember to eat healthy as well, ok!

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 Look Beyond The Gym – Different Ways to Lose Weight
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