It’s Not an Addiction, It’s a Growing Appreciation: Dominos Pizza

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The first step is admitting you have a problem. I don’t have a problem, I simply have an appreciation for good pizza. Who doesn’t love a perfectly crispy crust topped with so much cheese that it stretches across the room? In this day and age, pizza places offer more than just pizza. They have chicken, breadsticks, pasta, sandwiches, and they even deliver dessert right to your doorstep. It’s a little difficult to figure out which place has good food in all of these categories, but after taking advantage of some Dominos coupon codes I think I have to give them the win. Now I’m not being biased because I used their coupons. To be honest, every pizza place comes equipped with coupons you can use. Deals on pizzas, deals with a beverage included, deals with appetizers, each place has an entire page dedicated to coupons and mailing lists you can join for even more specials. Dominos will email you coupons for almost any reason: holidays, Super Bowl, a random Thursday afternoon, or a Saturday night when they know you don’t feel like cooking – which, for me, is every Saturday night. Dominos not only offers great deals, but they offer great food that make those deals worth it.

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My Ongoing Saga with Dominos Dominos Pizza and I go way back; back to when I thought their pizza was mediocre. I’d order it if I didn’t have any other choice, if nowhere else was available for delivery. But over time I changed my mind about Dominos because they themselves changed. A few years ago they launched a campaign where they admitted that their pizza was less than stellar. Pamela Vaughan of wrote about the “Pizza Turnaround,” a campaign where Dominos listened to their customers and made changes to make their food better. They stepped up and changed their pizza recipe after 50 years, documenting the changes on YouTube and taking customer feedback to heart. A big company coming out and saying that their product was flawed? It was almost too surreal to be true. But there they were, in their blue shirts, hand making their pizzas and promising higher quality. One day some friends and I decided to have a movie night. This requires pizza, lots and lots of pizza. A friend suggested we order Dominos and, I admit, I was hesitant. I knew they had made this huge promise to improve the quality of their pizza but I wasn’t completely sold. However, looking on their website, there were so many coupon deals that it was hard to argue with such great prices. Who doesn’t want medium pizzas for $7.77 a piece?  So I took the plunge and agreed to trying Dominos. A Plunge I Don’t Regret First of all, their menu is huge now. Since when did they have sandwiches? And pasta? And was that a chocolate lava cake? Ordering just pizza from Dominos is impossible when they have so many other things to try. Why just order pizza when you can get chicken wings, too? And don’t get me started on that cheesy bread, now stuffed with cheese on the inside. Fortunately, they have coupons with everything they serve so you can pick which deal works best with what you want. My one friend insisted on ordering chicken wings while another was having a chocolate craving. We all agreed that cheesy bread was a necessity with our pizzas along with a bottle of the dip. I feel like our total should’ve been ridiculous, but it ended up being more reasonable than I thought. Seriously, how do they even make money if the coupons take off so much money?

dominos coupons 300x199 It’s Not an Addiction, It’s a Growing Appreciation: Dominos Pizza

I’m not exactly sure what they changed with their ingredients but their pizza has improved significantly. I’m a big fan of cheese pizza. The cheesier, the better. I was expecting just one cheese option but no, Dominos has three, complete with different crust options. The wings had the right amount of spice and cheesy bread stuffed with cheese is the most ingenious idea anyone has ever had. This was perfect for our movie night, and pretty much any other night when someone wants an excuse for a good pizza. A Hot, Cheesy Finale Like I said before I’m not addicted to Dominos. I just appreciate a good pizza from time to time. Granted, that means that I am ordering from them a lot of those times. When the pizza craving hits, Dominos is who I call. I like to switch things up and take advantage of the different deals. Sometimes I want pizza and chicken, other times I want pizza and cheesy bread. No matter what I’m in the mood for Dominos has a coupon that works with it. I suppose that means I am addicted, huh? Fine, here’s my confession: I am addicted to Dominos and their coupon deals. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have myself a cheese pizza to order.

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 It’s Not an Addiction, It’s a Growing Appreciation: Dominos Pizza

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