Happy Birthday to us!


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“The best thing about memories is making them…”

From humble beginnings as a start-up to its current positioning in the global e-commerce market as India’s leading local services marketing platform, mydala has come a long way. What started as a dream 6 years ago is today a reality icon smile Happy Birthday to us! . Happy Birthday mydala! May the journey continue icon smile Happy Birthday to us! !

We people at mydala love being emotional, especially on birthdays icon smile Happy Birthday to us! . So when the turn came to celebrate our office’s birthday, we decided to take a walk down memory lane with some of our workmates and hear their mydala stories. Come, re-live the journey with us!

1. “mydala’s been like a second home…” – Srishti Singh

“An incredible journey, ‘life at mydala’ has been quite eventful and thinking about those early days makes me a bit nostalgic. It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure, with the most amazing ‘Ups’ and some not so nice ‘Downs’, but each day has taught me a whole lot and has helped me become the person I am today.

It all started almost 5 years ago, when I was fresh out of college and ready to take the plunge into the corporate world. I still remember those early days in the Niti Bagh office from where we started off not just as a workforce but as a family. Those awkward moments were always there…for instance, Ashish Sir forgetting my name daily for at least a month or the challenge to understand what exactly Arjun Sir was trying to say or me being an absolute cry baby most of the time because things weren’t going my way. The courage and preparation it took to walk up and  speak to Anisha Ma’am for the first time and how can I forget the ’30 Calls a day plan’ that I was on with Nidhika Ma’am. Oh what good old days they were!

Life moved on and so did we. The second chapter of mydala’s journey was at the Saket office, which has been a personal favourite (pssst…..easy access to numerous eating joints) and will always be for those days were seriously, the “best days of my life”. These were the days where I gained the maximum experience, professionally and personally and made some of the most amazing friends ever. We are now in our Okhla office, which is massive and really good for exercise as one has to walk from one end to the other whenever needed for work. Even though a number of people have come and gone, the bond still holds strong and I hope and pray that we continue to grow as a family and as an organization for many years to come.

P.S – The rooftops of mydala, be it the Saket office or the current one, seem to be the best party venue in town!

  14 Happy Birthday to us!

 2. “Life at mydala has been a journey in itself…” – Gurpratap Singh

Learning, growing and becoming better with every passing day, my journey with mydala has been a spectacular one. This momentous episode of my life has helped me explore the possibilities within me and has encouraged me to become nothing but the best icon smile Happy Birthday to us! .

It’s been a long road so far, from the initial days at the Nitibagh office to our current base in Okhla; from a humble start as a three membered team to my current position as team manager, but one that is rich with memories icon smile Happy Birthday to us! . I have learned a lot through all these years. It feels great to have been a part of this incredible journey, and I thank Anisha Ma’am, Arjun Sir, Ashish Sir and Pradeep Sir for helping me understand the nitty-gritties of the corporate world, and for having constantly guided me all these years.

My warmest wishes to mydala and everyone who’s a part of it…Happy Birthday!

22 Happy Birthday to us!

3. “People say there are great places to work, but I always believe that it’s the people who make it a great place to work…” –  Rabi Barua

“Challenge… Opportunity… Vision” … These were some of the factors I considered when making the decision to stay with this family until now.

I’ve always wanted a challenge, something that would keep my attention towards opportunities to grow and to learn as much as I can and that’s precisely what I’ve found here at mydala. And the fact that I have been part of this beautiful family for over 4 years now makes me feel really special icon smile Happy Birthday to us! . The one thing that I am still doing today is learning for a better tomorrow, and so is almost everyone here.

The best part of working in this organisation is the management – the 3 A-ces (Arjun Sir, Ashish Sir, Anisha Ma’am) who believe in giving you freedom, support and trust so as to enable you to achieve that which you seek to achieve. Right from the chiefs to all the member of the teams, everyone here is knowledgeable and 100% committed to excellence. They treat their job passionately and that makes much of the difference here at mydala.

This journey has taught me a lot about the business world, and has helped me know a lot about myself through my experiences. And that’s why I can strongly recommend anyone around to be a part of this great organisation.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”Henry Ford

  32 Happy Birthday to us!

 4. “mydala has helped me unravel myself…” –  Pronoy Bose

I was never the kind to wear formals for an interview, but when I learned that mydala gives you the freedom to wear anything that pleases you, I got my green signal…And from that moment, my journey at mydala began icon smile Happy Birthday to us! .

A jolly and friendly place which gave me the freedom to explore things which I never knew even existed; mydala for me has been an experience in itself. I was a fresher when I first saw our CEO Ms. Anisha Singh, when she was busy giving some furious lesson to somebody and I was like, OMG! This is one girl I’d never interact with!!! But after a few minutes, there I was standing in her cabin, doing ‘Yes Ma’am’ and ‘OK Ma’am’ and she was like “meet everybody today and remember…I want you to grow.” I remember her words even today, “You are old enough in this company if you spend even 1 day.” It was after this meeting that I came to know that this girl/lady/mother of one holds the top most position in the company, and knows not just everything but everyone! Years have passed by, and from a fresher I have transformed into someone very different…someone I never knew I could be. This place gave me some of the strongest lessons of life; I’ve met numerous people, I’ve had fights, I saw people cry, attended serious meetings and enjoyed crazy daaru parties…Indeed mydala has gifted me some life changing memories icon smile Happy Birthday to us! .

I wish all the very best to mydala. May this figure of 6 turn to 60 and to 600 and on and on…Happy 6th birthday!!!

 42 Happy Birthday to us!

   5. “Challenges make you grow…” – Gaurav Parashar

A great journey that seems to get better with each passing day, life at mydala has been an enriching experience icon smile Happy Birthday to us! . Whether it’s my team, my colleagues or my bosses…everyone here has played a crucial role in this journey and I feel wonderful to have been a part of the story so far.

During the four and a half years that I’ve spent here, the best thing for me has been the fact that not a single day passes by without teaching something valuable; whether it’s related to my domain, the e-commerce industry or life in general. Yes, there have been those stormy moments as well but even those moments have had a hidden lesson icon smile Happy Birthday to us! . I feel great to have such great bosses, for they’ve not just believed in me and encouraged me, but more importantly they’ve taught me to challenge myself and grow more.

It’s truly been an unforgettable experience here at mydala…

 63 Happy Birthday to us!

6. “To tackle the worst and to yield the best…Always!” – Ishan Arora

When I look back in time and take a walk down memory lane, I still see the day I stepped inside mydala for my interview for certainly that’s the day I cherish the most icon smile Happy Birthday to us! .

It was a whole new world for me back then and how time passed by is something that I still wonder about. mydala has taught me a lot, but the most important is how to tackle the worst of the situations and yield out the best…Always!

This place has given me new friends, new thoughts and a whole new perspective overall; it has transformed me completely as a person. I wish mydala all the best for all future perspectives…and yes Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us! It’s been a wonderful 6 years for us here at mydala and we thank you all for sharing this journey and growing with us. May we continue being the platform for innovation, inspiration, change and entrepreneurship…and may the stories continue being spun icon smile Happy Birthday to us! .

—– XOXO Team mydala

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