Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?


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His tattoo!ranbir Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

The heartthrob, who turns 32 today, famously got “Awaara” inked on his wrist before the release of his block-buster movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwaani”. He took inspiration from his grandfather’s iconic film. Will the modern-day tramp get a new one on his birthday? We’re hoping he would! Ranbir is the universal favourite, but check out the tattoos that other Bollywood celebs love to sport.

1.    Deepika Padukone

No coincidence that her name should come up right after Ranbir, because madame Dippy got his name tattooed on the nape of her neck. She wears it even after the two broke up. The ‘RK’ tattoo was in the news, but did you know that she also sports a dainty little ivy on her leg, with her own initials. Sweet. dipika Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

2.    Ajay Devgn

Brooding good looks, stubble, deep baritone, Devgn has carved his own niche in movie-dom.  The only thing missing was a tattoo. But Bajirao Singham obliged and now sports a Shiva tattoo on his chest. Now this is one solid reason to go shirt-less.  ajay devgan Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

3.     Priyanka Chopra

Daughters hold a special place in their father’s hearts, and Piggy Chops ensured that her father was watching over her, all the time. How? Have a look. priyanja Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

   4.    Kangna Ranaut

Always known more for her sartorial choices than her acting or dialogue delivery, Kangna changed the equation with Queen. One blockbuster hit and all was forgiven. We heard that she got a tattoo to celebrate. Her’s has a sword and wings. A sign for victory? Go figure. kangkana Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

5.     Celina Jaitley

Expensive wedding rings are so passé. Celina decided to be really really different when she got her hubby’s name tattooed on her ring finger. Now, can any rock match this? celina jetly Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

6.     Akshay Kumar

When we could look beyond Akshay’s hot bod, we appreciated his tattoo – his son’s name with an angel’s halo. Awww. akshay kumar Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

 7.     Hrithik – Susanne

One of our favourite filmi couples, we were really heart-broken when they decided to separate. However, their identical star tattoos will always remind them of happier times. Sigh.hritick Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

8.      Saif Ali Khan

Probably the most talked about tattoo, especially when it confirmed rumours about his relationship with Kareena. His lady love’s name, in Devanagiri script, it also spawned several spoofs, with Kareena’s fans going in a mad rush to do the same.saif Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

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 Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

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 Guess what’s hotter than Ranbir?

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