Forgetting the Coupons: One Shopping Mistake I Will Never Make Again

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At some time in the past, you more than likely have kicked yourself for missing a great deal, sale or promotion. Perhaps you simply showed up at the store one day too late or failed to look at one of the printed advertisements that appeared in your mailbox. Regardless of how it happened, it is very easy to regret these moments when they do occur. My personal moment was when I forgot to use coupons when I purchased my last computer. Let me explain.

My History with Computers

Throughout my life, I can count the number of computers purchased on one hand. This is primarily because I am not interested in purchasing brand-new computers and electronics when they come out. I would rather purchase one device and use it until I literally cannot use it anymore, which is why I kept using my last computer until it almost exploded due to burnt out wiring.

New bells and whistles might seem great, but I have always been more interested in functionality and simplicity, primarily because I could afford those basic options. As long as the computer functioned and was not “fully loaded,” it was usually within my budget — which is another reason why my purchase history is not as extensive as others are. When I purchased my last computer, I thought that I was getting a great deal just because that was what the salesperson told me. It was not until years later that I realized how stupid I was for making that purchase.

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Coupons Are Not Just for Groceries

Back then, I used to think that coupons were really only used for groceries and other similar items. When it came to purchasing electronics, the mere idea of finding a coupon to drive the competitive sales price down even further never crossed my mind at all. Since I had a little extra money, I decided to purchase a high-end computer with all of the additional features that I never considered in the past.

I told the salesperson I wanted the best computer for the best price available. The model that he recommended, and I later purchased, was actually the same model that my neighbor purchased from FlipKart a few days later. When we compared receipts, I immediately noticed that simply because he used FlipKart coupons his purchase price was much lower than mine was even though the listed sales prices were the same. That was when I first came to the realization that I have been wrong about coupons the whole time.

More than Just Saving a Little Money

When you think of using coupons for purchases, you might think that these handy tools are only designed to save a little money here and there. My neighbor’s computer purchase from FlipKart was able to open my eyes much wider than ever before, and I realized that this is not the case at all.

Using coupons allows you to get the most value from every single purchase that you make, especially on top-dollar items such as computers, tablets and other mobile devices. Being able to save 20 percent on an expensive item is great when using coupons, especially if you are purchasing multiple items at the same time, according to Statistic Brain. My neighbor was able to purchase other accessories and items in addition to his computer and he still paid a lot less money than I did. In addition to saving a lot of money, you also are able to extend the list of options available to you that fit your budget and can enjoy the reaction that your friends have when you tell them how much you saved, according to Yahoo.

discount coupons 300x200 Forgetting the Coupons: One Shopping Mistake I Will Never Make Again

I Have Wasted a Lot of Money

Over the years, I have wasted a lot of my money simply because I did not appreciate coupons. As mentioned earlier, I always believed that coupons were used for groceries only so I never thought twice about using them for electronics. This time around, I decided to do the right thing and follow in the footsteps of my friendly and frugal neighbor.

I went directly to FlipKart and found a top-notch computer that had all of the bells and whistles but did not exceed my budget. By using coupons, I was able to purchase a tablet and other accessories from their website as well, while still saving a lot of money along the way. It is true that most of the products that FlipKart sells are already competitively priced, but using coupons to drop those prices down even further is something that I will never forget.

In the past, I have been the person being laughed at by other people who used coupons efficiently to save money at FlipKart and other great stores. In the future, though, I will be the one laughing at other people because forgetting coupons is a mistake I will never make again.

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 Forgetting the Coupons: One Shopping Mistake I Will Never Make Again


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