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Renowned world-wide for their flawless skin, it’s no wonder that Koreans have taken the beauty world by storm! From the ubiquitous BB cream to the more exotic and mind boggling range of creams and masks, Korean beauty products are fast becoming THE incredible thing in the beauty industry. Call them whimsical or wow…but you can’t deny that glowing, dewy, porcelain-like skin is what they deliver! And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all seek??

11 Flawless beauty…SoKo Style!Here’s a look at 5 Korean Skin Care Products that’s totally worth having in your vanity box icon smile Flawless beauty…SoKo Style!

1. BB Cream: They were the ones to introduce the world to this product, and considering the many benefits it entails, the BB cream is definitely one of the best Korean cosmetics worth carrying around in your purse! A multi-functional cream, the blemish balm or blemish base cream has the benefits of a moisturizer, serum, primer, foundation and sun block all packed together! An important part of Korean women’s skin care routine who’re known for their passion for skin care and the elaborate beauty routine they regularly follow, the BB cream controls excess sebum secretion, covers up blemishes, provides sun protection and gives your skin a healthy natural glow and an even skin tone…Comes handy when you need to brighten up your look and you don’t have time for a full make-up session!

22 Flawless beauty…SoKo Style!

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2. Facial Mist: The pretty ladies in K-land have been using facial mists since forever! Cooling and moisturizing, a facial mist hydrates your face, tightens pores, relieves the stress and gives an instant glow to your skin. It smells wonderful and is easy to carry around as well.

32 Flawless beauty…SoKo Style!

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3. Lip Patch: If dry lips are bothering you, then the lip patch is probably what you need! A gel based mask for your lips that contains water, glycerin, collagen and is formulated with plant and floral extracts. It claims to moisturize, soothe and revitalize chapped lips and guarantees that you’ll have noticeably smoother and softer lips. Makes me curious for sure!

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4. Konjac Sponge: The perfect answer to everyday full body exfoliation, Konjac Sponges are made from the roots of the konjac plant found in Eastern Asia. This natural sponge gently exfoliates, helps balance pH, and also helps clear acne and blackheads!

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5. Sheet Mask: The Koreans are also credited with introducing the sheet mask. A quick facial that you can use when you need a little refreshment in the midst of a hectic day or when you’re on the road, the sheet mask is a thin cotton or fibre sheet that’s soaked in a serum based formula and infused with different ingredients that hydrates and nourishes your skin. It’s not like the regular creamy and oil based masks of course, but it’s packed with its own benefits!

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dehydration…get ready to say goodbye to all your skin woes!

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The Koreans and their much hyped obsession with beauty and skin care have created a lot of sensation indeed. But how much of it is actually true can be known only when you give their products a try! So if you’re the kind who loves to experiment, then these products are definitely worth trying….unless you already have!

Know about more of such international beauty hauls? We’d love to know too…Leave a comment and share your views. icon smile Flawless beauty…SoKo Style!

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 Flawless beauty…SoKo Style!
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