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“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”  – Helen Keller

International Women’s Day has been observed for decades but what’s emphasised EVERY year is NOT the need to prove one’s superiority over another but the need to see beyond gender identities & roles and to love & respect each other as humans. Over the years, there have been many who have fought against all odds to challenge the way society views or restricts a woman. This is a narrative of a few such brave and inspiring women heroes of India…

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1. Tiffany Brar – She once lived a life of complete dependency and was even unable to walk alone. But the very limitations that once confined her life soon enabled her to change the lives of many others like her. Tiffany’s a teacher, a motivational speaker and the founder of Jyothirgamya Foundation, a mobile school that offers training to blind children and adults at their residence, enabling them to live enlightened and holistic lives.

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2. Arunima Sonu Sinha – She climbed 5 of the world’s highest peaks: Mt. Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Kosizko in Australia and Aconcagua in Argentina despite having lost one of her legs in an incident when thieves, who she was trying to fight back, pushed her out of a running train and another train on a parallel track crushed her leg.

arunima sonu sinha female mt.everest climber womens day 2016 Every Woman is Wonder Woman

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3. Women of the Forest – You’ll hardly get to see or hear about them but these brave women are the new emerging face of India’s khaki clad warriors who protect our forests and wildlife. Whether it’s Kaziranga National Park in Assam or Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat, the women of both places have shown what’s it like to be a brave hearted soul.

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4. Harshini Kanhekar – In a country where women’s association with fire is generally limited to the kitchen, Harshini wrote a new chapter by becoming India’s first female firefighter/fire engineer. From driving a heavy truck to lifting and handling heavy equipments, there’s nothing about this job that inhibits this daredevil lady.

female firefighter inspiring woman india unsung women hero real life Every Woman is Wonder Woman

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5. Surekha Yadav – Seeing a woman driving the metro may seem like a regular thing NOW, but way back in 1988, Surekha Yadav took the initial steps towards becoming he first female train driver in India and also in Asia. Since then she has been instrumental in promoting women’s safety in public transport and has also inspired countless women from all over India to take the lead and become champions of their lives.

first female train driver india asia real life hero womens day 2016 Every Woman is Wonder Woman

Image Source: thehindu.com

Simply incredible, these women heroes of India have taught millions of women to see themselves not as victims but as heroines of their own lives … And this International Women’s Day we shout out to all the womenfolk out there and say “Girl, you deserve it, so Go for it!”

Happy International Women’s Day people! … Let’s pledge to put an end to any and EVERY form of gender inequality!

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 Every Woman is Wonder Woman
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