Deals and Indians

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We Indians are known to be excellent businessmen. Go to any country in the world, at least one of the top 10 companies will be run by an Indian. We can’t help it, it is just a born gift. We are blessed with the power to extract a profit from the most unfruitful deal, in India or elsewhere.

Deals are an integral part of us. From an early age we learn A for apple and B for barter. All starts with an innocent swapping of chocolates in kinder garden, which grows into exchanging notes in high school and in college, well that list could just get too long for this post. My point is that India deals are more often than not found together.

 Deals and Indians

Online Shopping Deals

In some of the popular shopping destinations the shop keepers refuse to cater to Indians, now is it our fault we just happen to be the best at deriving a good bargain? You price a bag for an exuberant price and expect us to silently hand in our hard earned money? I don’t think so. If you want to make the maximum profit then, Sir, we too would like to get our money’s worth. And since you are so patiently listening to my rant I’ll let you in on a little secret too, we enjoy it. Yes, it’s true. We derive this sadistic pleasure from knowing that we managed to save that one extra buck. Could be just one buck, but there is a lurking desire for that satisfaction that makes us quote a price that would make any shopkeeper look aghast, which just adds to the pleasure of the game.

Since we enjoy ‘dealing’ so much, the major success of the online deals market in India shouldn’t come as a surprise. Everyone wants to save money here and the websites prove to be the easiest and quickest way to get deals in India. They cater to a wide audience, most of whom want nothing more than to get their money’s worth from every service they avail.

Online deals in India, the much needed platform for the dealers of tomorrow.

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 Deals and Indians


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