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Do you love to shop? When people say the word sale, do you feel a familiar shiver run down your spine? Then you belong to the breed of creatures the scientists refer to as “shopaholic”. These creatures are found all over the world buzzing around the words “sale”, “discounts” and “deals”. More often than not they end up in brawls with their own kind over the last sweater in the 50% off pile at their local store.


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Researchers are working hard to find ways to curb these beings, who are multiplying at an alarming rate threatening the safety of the world. There may come a time when store shelves are barren because this overzealous group of people might end up buying everything they can get their hands on. The threat is due to the fact that the production of goods is much slower than their purchasing power. This issue will be deeply discussed in the next UN meeting.

Till the time the world’s biggies find a solution, perhaps I could offer them a suggestion. Note the fact that these creatures often end up buying things they may never use. If and only if we could find a way to trick these lost souls into selling these useless purchases to their brethren who would definitely buy it since they are on sale. Yes, I am talking taking an already bought product and dressing it up in a pretty little disguise of attractive deals and discounts to sell it to the bargain hungry shopaholics.

Problem solved? Seems like it. We are using their own products, which we know they will never use, to calm the revolution that they threaten to create. And in the process every one of these shopaholics makes a profit. So everyone benefits and the UN can utilize their time handling bigger problems.

If you are one of the afore mentioned shopaholics please take this message to your leader. Tell him deals and discounts are not just to quench your thirst, in fact they can make you a decent amount of profit as well. Think it over; maybe you can delay your plans to takeover the world. There are new sales starting soon.

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