Buy Right: Tips for Saving with Jabong Coupons

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Indian prime time TV is packed with ads that say Jabong is this and Jabong is that. However, I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to shopping online. Does the website deliver on its promises? Or will it leave me with a lemon that isn’t worth a penny? I mean, you are giving up some of the options you have when you choose to shop online. In a traditional shop, you bargain away, until the shopkeeper is fed up enough to just give you the item to get rid of you. You cannot do that on online. So, the trick is to find out if you can save enough with Jabong for it to be worth your time.

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Starting with Jabong the Right Way

If you already have an account with Jabong, you can skip this step and continue to the next step. However, it pays to have an account with Jabong. The website pays a lot of attention to its regular customers. It provides a sign-up bonus and the ability to redeem coupons to regular customers. When you register with the website, you are also automatically registered for its newsletter. Every month, you get an email with the newest styles, deals and discounts. There is also a loyalty program, where you are awarded points when you shop at the website. These points are collected and you can redeem them on your next visit.

Window Shopping for Sales

Jabong has regular sales throughout the year. They also have a SALE and CLEARANCE section open all through the year. Although this is a clearance section, new items are uploaded everyday as the website starts clearing away inventory for new sales. This is particularly true during fashion season.

India has two separate fashion seasons held in Delhi and Mumbai, and designers at both fashion shows display their items and then sell most of their prêt line through sites like Jabong. You can easily find high-end fashion at notable discounts as the seasons change. The inventory is vast and products tend to change rapidly, so make sure that you bookmark the products you like and keep checking back.

Finding Deals for Jabong

The site makes sure their regular customers get good Jabong coupons as they become available on sites like mydala. However, at the same time, they give additional discounts to encourage more customers to come to their site. You can get some pretty great deals by making use of those couponing websites. Make sure you check the coupons for validity and geographical use. Some coupons cannot be used with certain items or they cannot be used twice.

You should check with Jabong, especially if you are using downloaded coupons. Fake coupons are out there, and they definitely won’t be honored by the site; therefore, make sure that the coupons you download are from reputed couponing websites only.

Wait for Seasonal Sales

Jabong has sales all through the year but they also add extra items to the sale section at specific times. For example, wedding and festival season is a great time to shop. This is particularly true from the end of September until January for festival season and from April to June for wedding season. During this time, Indian shoppers go to local stores to shop and if they get good deals, they may shop online as well. As a result, it is a good idea to check out the website whenever a festival season is right around the corner.

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It’s also wise to check the website immediately after the festival. Many festival goods will go on sale, since the store needs to clear out the old stock and make room for the new. This is particularly true in the case of Pantaloons. The store has a sale just before Christmas. The sale runs from October to November. This clears the store of goods and new items come in for the festival. These items are usually more expensive since they are the latest fashions. After Christmas, the store has another sale from February to March in which they discount old stuff to clean out the store and make room for new fashion season. Tracking the seasons for the Jabong website is also a good idea to get the best deals in the same way.

Stacking Your Deals

Stacking refers to combining the deals such that the coupons combine each other and in-store deals to get great prices. This may seem simple, but people who are used to the idea of using coupons use such tricks to get discounts on all of their products. Some websites also teach you to combine buy-one get-one deals with coupons to get both products for free. Many information and news websites offer tips that you can use to get great couponing tricks if you are new to the game.

In the end, it all comes down to how smartly you find deals and combine them. Coupon collecting is a fulltime job. You have to be on the lookout for great deals, collect them and cash them in at the right time to get the best sales.

A diverse collection of coupons are out there, but couponers have to make sure that they collect the coupons and use them with the best tactics possible. Advanced couponers also learn to read bar codes and combine them with coupons to reap substantial benefits. Not all of us can do that, but if you at least collect the coupons and stash them, you can get good prices on your next shopping spree.

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 Buy Right: Tips for Saving with Jabong Coupons

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