Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!


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Some hang their arts on walls; some paint them on their skin. Yes, tattoos are the most intimate form of art that you wear on your skin. As Jack Sparrow-famed Johnny Depp’s quote goes “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”  A tattoo is more than a piece of art to flaunt and feel different; it is a way of expression, a canvas of life long experience and memories!

15 Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!

When it comes to getting inked, Delhiites are fortunate to have a pool of talented tattoo artists. With so many masters in Delhi, it would be criminal and impossible to narrow our list down to the top 10 best places to get inked in Delhi. So, read on to know about our favourites.

1.Devilz Tattooz

21 Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!

Image credit: Devilz Tattooz Facebook Page

The pain of tattooing will never be that priceless. Lokesh Verma started Devilz tattoo in 2003 and since then the tattoo studio has gone a long way to be regarded among top tattoo studios in India. Amazingly talented and one of the coolest tattoo artists in the town, Lokesh and folks are among the most in demand artists with clients from all over the world. Checkout their Facebook page for their latest creations and get blown!

2.Tattoos by Dev

31 Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!

Dev, the tattoo artist is a down to earth person with the heart of an artist. A gifted painter who has been inking down his creativity since last 15 years, Tatoos by Dev is among our top picks for one best tattoo studios in Delhi. I was privileged enough to get this pictures straight to my inbox from Dev.

3.Tattoos by Mohit

62 Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!

Image Source: Tattoos by Mohit Facebook Page

Tattoos by Mohit is an upbeat and fun tattoo studio in the heart of Delhi. The tattoo masters- Mohit, Ronny and Shown have their portfolios filled with celebrity clients and a rich variety of work, be it colored, black and white tattoos or 3D. You will definitely get a unique tattoo sculpted at their parlour.

4. Angel Tattoo Design Studio

61 Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!

Image Credit: Angel Tattoo Design Facebook Page

Angel Tattoo Design Studio is a playground of creative junkies who love their art. Professional, friendly environment and loads of option with the assurance of a tattoo you would love is what you get at this tattoo studio. You can find their tattoo parlours in multiple locations in Delhi and in Gurgaon and Noida.

5. Tattos By Mike

71 Best Places To Get Inked In Delhi!

Image source: Mike’s Body – Art Studio FB page

This tattoo parlour in CR park Delhi is the brainchild of Machael Cowasji, popularly known as Mike. A gifted artist who has been polishing his skills since last decade, Mike has been featured in print and digital media and is widely accepted as a gem among the tattoo artist.

Wait, the list is not over, because Delhi has got more talented artists ready with their needles to ink your dream tattoo. Stay posted!

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