An attitude of gratitude!


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In the quest for reasons to celebrate we often tend to miss out on realizing that life itself is a celebration icon smile An attitude of gratitude! …. Happy World Gratitude Day!

Not every day do we find ourselves feeling very grateful, is it? For most of us life seems to have more of reasons to feel discontented than feel good. It’s easier to take what we have for granted and concentrate more on what we don’t have. Knowledge, luxury, friends, experiences and the very best of what life has to offer all get overpassed by our desires and our complaints. But the ability to feel thankful is necessary because it humbles us and helps us realize how privileged we actually are! Many out there are dealing with a much difficult life than what you and I are.

2 An attitude of gratitude!

Honouring this need to slow down and appreciate life in its widest spectrum and be more thankful, an international gathering in 1965 in Hawaii decided to mark a day every year for officially expressing gratitude. Ever since then, September 21 has been celebrated as international gratitude day by many countries across the globe.

Here are some gratitude day quotes that’ll make you feel more upbeat and look at life and those around you with more appreciation and gratitude. Read on!


34 An attitude of gratitude! 2.

44 An attitude of gratitude!


54 An attitude of gratitude!


65 An attitude of gratitude!


72 An attitude of gratitude!


8 An attitude of gratitude!


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9 An attitude of gratitude!


10 An attitude of gratitude!


111 An attitude of gratitude!

A good conversation in the midst of a tough day at work, the smell of fresh coffee, the gentle touch of a cool breeze on a hot day, a friendly smile when you least expect it or the very awareness that we are alive and breathing are all perks of life that we forget to pay attention most of the time, but which are actually the hidden gems that make life precious. So slow down a bit, feel more and live every moment of your life, for it is…short and beautiful and rare.

Hope you liked reading this! Do write to us and share your views. Always remember to count your blessings!

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 An attitude of gratitude!
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