Aliens? Huh? Who? Where?

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 Aliens? Huh? Who? Where?Aliens eat wheat? Or Rice? Next trip they may take one of your cows or goats?

Sounds absurd? Well, do you have a better explanation for isolated crop circles?

A bunch of farmers in an unknown little village of Paglapur, India woke up one fine morning to a nasty surprise of messy patterns in their paddy fields. Some looked like mystical eyes of the gods while others seemed out of this world. Have the creatures from distant planets found their way to this little village? Or, as some researchers speculate, is this a bored farmer’s attempt at 15 minutes of fame?

Jury is still out on that, while the farmers claim to see an “udta firta omelet” taking off with their grains. So is this “omelet” carrying food due to a famine on its home planet? Then why would it choose Paglapur instead of other villages with better quality grains? Perhaps they missed the signs.

But the people shall not sit back and let their hard work be flown into space, and to help them fight back they have Raj Khurana (Agastya) from NASA. He sings dances and manages to communicate with aliens while the nutty village looks on. Sounds like quite the Joker, doesn’t he?

Intrigued yet?

I know I am. Talking to aliens has always been a dream (that’s why I learnt French). If you have not guessed it yet, this little snippet hints at the multiple questions the upcoming movie “Joker” aims to answer. Taking the phrase “out of this world” too literally, Akshay Kumar promises a laugh riot with his 100th movie. Starring many veteran comedians like Asrani (the inspector from Sholey?), along with item numbers and of course aliens, Joker promises to be a complete bollywood package with a sci-fi tadka.

The movie hits theatres on 31st August, you can stand in line at the cinema hall or take part in the contests on to win movie tickets, music CDs and much more.

Hurry, before the aliens make away with these as well.

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 Aliens? Huh? Who? Where?


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