10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer


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19 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

Summer is finally here and it’s going to be a sizzling one!. It’s a challenge for women to look great without melting in the heat. ! We bring you some tips to stay stylish with ease this summer.

Use Interesting Design Details

25 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

An interesting pair of trousers with a pastel coloured top are on trend. Whether it is floral prints or Aztec prints or a neon colour, pair it with a top/tunic with interesting design details, and you’re good to go!

Cover up in Smart ways

35 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

In summer you need to be even smarter with the types of clothes you choose when you want to cover up certain areas. Choose smart tops, skirts and dresses that drape in all the right areas to cover up any bulges. Asymmetric dresses and tops are usually very good at doing that.

Have Fun with Glasses

45 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

Sunglasses are the perfect way for a young and hip look. In summer, protect your eyes from the sun and harmful rays with sunglasses and have fun with colours and shapes of glasses.

Wear White

57 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

White is your best friend in summer. It’s the most versatile colour to wear and whenever I don’t know what to wear I turn to this. Combine with almost every colour and pattern in your closet for a clean, modern look!

Patterned Scarfs

63 561x1024 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

Summer scarf patterns can be used to add colour to a basic ensemble, or in place of a necklace to add layers. The best part is that by making them yourself, you can create a variety to match all of your outfits at a lower cost versus store-bought scarves. Choose your favourite fabric or yarn and make a practical and cute addition to your wardrobe with this collection of summer scarf patterns.

Wear Flat Shoes

73 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

The one must have this summer: Flat Shoes and sandals. Pick up some flat sandals and pair it with any outfit and it will give chic and cool look in summer.

Make a Bun

82 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

A timeless hairstyle, bun is best for a summer hair up do. Its ties up all your hair and relieve you from the heat. Let’s try glamming it up a bit and make some cute summer bun hairstyles suitable for our age.

Bags Do Matter

92 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get styled and we can’t forget about handbags. You can carry bucket bags, cross bodies and clutches abound for summer in light and bright colours.

Stick to Waterproof Makeup and Switch to Liquid Lipstick

101 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

Leave the heavy makeup aside — it’s time to invest in some waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and even concealers. Instead of getting creamy lipsticks smeared on your face, try a long-lasting liquid lipstick for a lightweight, yet seamless finish.

Try out some Hats

112 10 Ways to Glam up Your Summer

Not only are sun hats adorable, they help keep you cool and shade your skin from UV damage. These shady characters will keep you cool, calm, and protected.

Summer is a great time of year. Summer is also a great time to have a little fun with fashion and try out something new. So try out something new this summer and look stylish!!!

Do you have any tips to look great this summer? We want to know! Share your wisdom, leave a comment…ciao!

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